Jaguar XK


XK range features ground-hugging proportions, with a long hood, powerful contours and minimal overhangs. Its sweeping, athletic lines exude immense visual energy.
The benefits of aluminium construction are particularly pronounced in the Convertible models. Class-leading rigidity, torsional stiffness and excellent power-to-weight ratio deliver uncompromised handling and breathtaking acceleration.

XK Convertible models have a triple-lined fabric roof that can be automatically raised or lowered in less than 18 seconds. When lowered, the roof is completely hidden within the bodywork.

New slimline Bi-function HID Xenon headlamps with integral LED daytime running lights give the XK a distinctive visual signature.
They feature automatic levelling and washers, which operate with the ‘screen wash-wipe’ function. Cornering lights illuminate the areas to the side of the car at low speeds when the indicators are being used, or at large steering angles, for example, when parking.
The optional Adaptive Front Lighting system features dynamic pivoting headlights that react to the car’s speed and the driver’s steering. It can deflect the headlight beams by up to 15 degrees, to cast light deeper into corners.

Heated powerfold door mirrors fold back to help with parking or driving through narrow spaces. They also feature auto-dimming to reduce glare at night.

Front and rear parking aids provide an audible warning that alerts the driver to the proximity of objects. Arrows on the centre console Touch-screen provide further information on their location in relation to the vehicle.

The optional Reverse Park Camera offers extra safety and convenience and can be particularly useful when parking. Discreetly located in the boot lid finisher, the camera is linked to the front and rear parking aids, and transmits pictures to the 7 inch Touch-screen.

Sensors automatically detect rain on the windscreen and switch the wipers on at the appropriate speed.

XK models are available with a choice of three exterior paint palettes: Standard, Premium and Special. The Special palette includes two new ‘Racing Inspired’ colours: Italian Racing Red and French Racing Blue, which is exclusive to the XKR-S.

A range of 10 different alloy wheel designs is available (depending on the model and optional packs chosen).
From October 2011 two further options will be available:
– 20″ Venom alloy wheels for the XK Portfolio and XKR
– 20″ Orona alloy wheels for the XK, XK Portfolio and XKR


Craftsmanship and style take the sports car experience to a thrilling new level.

A wide choice of colours, materials, trims and veneers gives the XK driver an opportunity for a high level of personalisation. Seven interior colour themes and seven veneers are available, depending on the model chosen. Leather is used extensively throughout the cabin and is offered in two grades – Bond grain and soft grain.

The leather steering wheel houses thumb-operated switches on either side of the centre hub to operate the in-car entertainment system, cruise control and optional Adaptive Cruise Control.
The steering wheel can also be specified to include heating.
From October 2011, the Sports steering wheel is available on all XK models. Trimmed in Jet Suedecloth, it offers extra grip and a further level of sporting luxury. (not available with Adaptive Cruise Control.)

The dual zone climate control system incorporates individual cabin temperature control for both driver and front passenger. It is fully automatic, with auto-recirculation, humidity control and automatic window demisting.

The use of the finest materials guarantees that the cabins of all XK models are finished to the most luxurious standards. Leather is used extensively, along with hand-crafted wood veneers and smooth chrome. The interior colour harmony is enhanced with soft-feel paint on the switches around the JaguarDrive Selector™ and the Touch-screen, the brighter paint on the air vents and instrument panel, and the Piano Black finish across the central console. The optional Jet leather headlining on coupé models has been produced by Poltrona Frau, a renowned furniture house with long experience of creating premium interiors for the motor industry.

The XK range offers a choice of three styles of seat, all with detailed finishing and a comprehensive range of colour options.

  •  Sports seats are standard in the XK and XKR. They are heated, upholstered in Bond grain leather and feature 10-way power adjustment with memory function.
  •  Luxury seats are standard in the XK Portfolio and XKR. They are heated and cooled, and feature soft grain leather, along with 16-way power adjustment and memory function.
  •  Performance seats are standard in the XKR-S and are available as an option on the XK Portfolio and XKR. They provide the ideal combination of comfort and lateral support, with integrated head restraints and strongly sculpted side bolsters for exceptional support during hard cornering. They are upholstered in luxurious soft grain leather and feature 16-way electric positioning with heat with memory functions. There is a range of sporting colourways to choose from, with optional contrast stitch. XKR-S seats also feature unique Carbon Leather accents and contrast micro-piping.

The instrument panel is highlighted with Phosphor blue illumination, a hallmark of contemporary Jaguar styling.

Safety & Security

XK’s safety systems are designed to lessen the risk of an accident and to help protect occupants and other road users.

Jaguar’s unique and highly advanced Adaptive Restraint Technology System (ARTS™) can help to protect front seat occupants in the event of a collision. Within a fraction of a second, ARTS™ is designed to assess the severity of any impact and, using weight sensors in the front seats plus sensors to detect the seat position and the seat belt status, deploy the dual-stage airbag in the most appropriate way.

The industry-leading Pedestrian Contact Sensing System™ and automatically deployable bonnet can also help protect those outside the car. The system is designed to raise the bonnet slightly if it detects contact with a pedestrian in order to help prevent their head from contacting hard points under the bonnet.

The XK Convertible has its own array of safety features, including a highly advanced roll-over protection system. If the car’s on-board sensors detect an impending roll-over, two massively strong hoops – normally hidden under the rear tonneau – are triggered and designed to be deployed and to lock behind the rear seats within 65 milliseconds.


  • The XK features a number of safety systems designed to improve road-holding and stability:
  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Traction Control (through engine and brake intervention)
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

With this option fitted, sensors in each wheel continuously monitor the pressure in the tyres, and alert the driver to any unusual change that could signal a loss of pressure before it becomes a serious problem.

Door locks on the XK are controlled remotely from the key fob, and each door can also be locked or double–locked with a button on the handle. In addition, the doors will lock automatically when the car reaches a pre-set speed, which can be chosen by the driver. The XK is also protected by an alarm and engine immobiliser.

Driving Dynamics

The 6-speed fully adaptive shift system delivers smooth and lightning fast gear changes with optimised performance and economy. For maximum driver involvement, gears can also be selected manually using paddles mounted behind the steering wheel.

The XK’s Adaptive Dynamics analyse speed, steering and body movements 500 times a second and adjust the suspension with electronic dampers to achieve the ideal balance between comfort and precise handling. This system works in conjunction with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). The default setting for DSC comes into play as soon as it detects the wheels slipping. The Trac DSC setting, on the other hand, allows some slipping and overspin before it intervenes – this allows for a sportier drive and is also essential with snow chains.

The automatic transmission is controlled by the beautifully designed JaguarDrive™ Selector, which rises into the driver’s hand once the ‘Start’ button is pressed. Thanks to the Jaguar Smart Key System™ with Keyless Start the driver simply has to depress the brake pedal to enable this sequence. Then the driver only needs to turn the selector to engage transmission settings, or to move from Drive to Sport mode. JaguarDrive™ Control offers further driving modes – Dynamic for more responsive acceleration and Winter for more progressive control in slippery conditions.

Active Differential – standard on the XKR and XKR-S – provides superior asphalt and loose surface traction. It is designed to detect any slipping and vary the power supplied to each wheel to help keep the car as stable as possible.

The advanced braking systems for the XK range were developed at Jaguar’s research facility at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany.
Four-channel ABS (anti-lock braking system) is supplemented by Emergency Brake Assist, designed to automatically activate the ABS if it senses a sharp application of the brakes. This can stop the car, with more steering control, some time before the driver alone could have achieved the same effect. The XK and XK Portfolio feature the Jaguar Performance Braking System for the ideal balance of power and stability. On the XKR and XKR-S the Jaguar High Performance Braking System, with 380mm front discs and aluminium calipers, provides even more sensitivity and control.

Cruise control and an Automatic Speed Limiter system are fitted as standard throughout the range and offer increased convenience during motorway driving.
Optional Adaptive Cruise Control features a microwave radar in the front bumper, designed to sense if the vehicle in front slows down. It then uses the throttle and brake to maintain a constant time gap. Once the road clears it will take the car back up to the previous speed. The radar also operates a Forward Alert, which gives the driver an audible warning if the traffic ahead slows quickly or another vehicle moves into the same lane.

The braking system works with the JaguarDrive ™ Selector to release the parking brake when ‘Drive’ is selected. The driver can also choose to operate the parking brake manually.


The 7 inch Touch-screen controls most major functions and keeps the number of conventional switches to a minimum. A masterpiece of clarity and intuitive functionality, it is used to operate the in-car audio system, the Bluetooth® telephone system, satellite navigation and the climate control.

Portable Audio Interface provides full-function control of an iPod or other MP3 player via the Touch-screen. USB storage devices can also be accessed via the Touch-screen and other players can be connected to the car through the standard 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input port.

The XK range features three superb audio systems, depending on the model chosen. All have AM/FM radios with the option of DAB, and are compatible with WMA and MP3 players.

  • The Jaguar 125W sound system has eight speakers, with a woofer and tweeter unit in each door. The woofer is mounted much higher than it would be in a conventional system for enhanced bass reproduction.
  • The Jaguar 525W premium sound system has a powerful DSP amplifier with eight door-mounted speakers and eight other speakers in the cabin.
  • The Bowers & Wilkins™ 525W system features Dolby® Pro-Logic II Surround Sound for extraordinary sound quality throughout the cabin. Designed and tuned for XK models by Bowers & Wilkins, it offers exceptionally clear reproduction, enhanced by Kevlar® cones in the larger speakers and aluminium domes on the tweeters. A 6-disc in-facia CD changer also features.

The satellite navigation system is sophisticated but extremely easy to use. Controlled through the Touch-screen, it will store details of up to 20 destinations and can provide congestion alerts, with possible alternative routes. When fuel is running low, it also shows details of the closest filling stations.

Lexus IS C


Three-Piece, Retractable Hardtop
Operated via 13 electric motors, 33 sensors and a dedicated Electronic Control Unit (ECU), this three-piece hardtop retracts in approximately 20 seconds. Just as important, with the top up, the IS Convertible provides the same air-tight seal as the IS sport sedan.

Exterior Styling
The IS Convertible stays true to the original IS sedan by sharing the same hood, headlamps, door handles and side-mirror designs. With the top up, it delivers the aggressive profile of a two-door coupe. And with the top down, it’s a stunning convertible. This dual-mode design lets IS Convertible drivers feel like they own two vehicles instead of one.

Aerodynamic Design
To help make the IS Convertible as aerodynamic as possible, our engineers meticulously adjusted the angle and shape of the windshield, the size of the cabin, the contour of the taillamps and even the height of the trunk lid. This all helped improve airflow over the vehicle (a mere 0.29 coefficient of drag), resulting in excellent fuel economy, a quieter cabin and better vehicle control at higher speeds.

By recognizing the unique security code transmitted by your key fob, the SmartAccess system allows the vehicle to unlock the door or trunk lid without you having to touch your key. The system also activates the puddle lamps to help you see your way to the door, and an entry lighting system illuminates your path of entry from the door handle to the ignition button.

Backup Camera
Backing out of tight spaces is much easier with the available backup camera . A tiny camera integrated into the trunk helps show what the camera detects behind the vehicle. Place the IS Convertible in reverse and the camera’s view is displayed in full color on the navigation screen located in the center console.

Intuitive Parking Assist
The available Intuitive Parking Assist can help the driver navigate the vehicle into tight parking spaces. Ultrasonic sensors located on the front and rear bumpers are designed to detect objects nearby, and audible and visual cues help the driver know when the vehicle is getting closer to the object, including many that may not otherwise be seen.

Exterior Lighting
These available Bi-Xenon™ High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps are brighter than conventional halogen headlamps, use less energy and last significantly longer. In addition, an auto-leveling feature helps to ensure that the headlamps remain pointed at the proper angle. These headlamps also include LED daytime running lights, which use less energy than conventional bulbs while adding a dramatic air. For additional safety, the IS C comes with LED brake lights. Since they illuminate faster than standard bulbs, they can help give the driver behind you more time to respond in emergency situations.

Integrated Foglamps
Integrated stylishly into the lower corners of the front bumper is a set of foglamps. Not only do they help you see better in inclement weather, they also help reduce glare for oncoming drivers.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
A millimeter-wave radar sensor allows the available Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to help maintain your selected speed. This system also enables you to follow the vehicle in front of you at the same pre-set speed. If you get too close to the traffic in front of you, the throttle is automatically reduced and brakes are applied. Once the road clears, the IS C returns to its pre-set speed. A car icon on the information display shows the selected following distance.


Heated and Ventilated Front Seats
These available seats feature increased ventilation, as well as heating in the shoulder areas, to maximize comfort when the top is down.

One-Touch Rear-Seat Access
Quickly slide these available front seats forward at the press of a button. To help shorten the wait time, the speed is twice that of the seats found in the IS sport sedan.

Arched-Framed Front Seats
The backs of the front seats are sculpted, providing more knee space for the rear-seat passengers.

Luxurious Appointments
The IS Convertible may be designed for high-performance driving, but it’s not without its interior luxuries. Available amenities include beautiful wood trim, perforated semi-aniline leather trim or standard leather trim, and a range of color schemes designed to complement the exterior of the vehicle when the top is down.

Voice-Activated HDD Navigation System
The available voice-activated Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation System on the IS Convertible features a touch-sensitive screen for inputting information, as well as an advanced voice-command system that allows you to search for destinations using your natural speaking voice. For example, if you say, “Show me gas stations” from the destination menu, you’ll be presented with locations in your immediate vicinity. And once you select a destination, the system will calculate up to three different routes and provide audible and visual directions as you drive.
The system also features NavTraffic™ , which can provide real-time traffic reports on specific highways or routes, and even reroute you around congestion. Plus, NavWeather™ can provide real-time weather reports for specific cities and send you alerts as you get closer to poor weather conditions.

Optimized Climate-Control System
The climate in a convertible depends greatly on whether the top is up or down. For this reason, the climate-control system on the IS Convertible is designed to monitor not just the interior temperature, but the exterior temperature and position of the sun as well. All the while, airflow and temperature settings are constantly adjusted. And when the top is down, the system even takes into account the vehicle’s speed. This all helps ensure the ideal interior temperature, whether the top is up or down.

Optimized Audio System
This audio system was designed to overcome acoustical weaknesses commonly associated with convertibles. When the top is lowered, the volume and equalizer curve are adjusted to compensate for the additional road and wind noise, especially the bass tones, which are normally lost in open-air environments. The result is a consistently impressive audio experience.

Quietness Measures
Floor braces provide excellent structural rigidity to greatly reduce body vibration, while sound-absorbing materials help suppress engine and road noise. In addition, a special insulating acoustic windshield glass further increases the level of quietness in the cabin, delivering a serene driving experience that’s easily comparable to that of the IS sport sedan.

Electroluminescent Optitron Gauges
A cluster of brilliant Optitron electroluminescent gauges complements the modern interior of the IS Convertible. Initially blank, the moment the push-button start is activated, the tachometer and speedometer come to life. Their needles illuminate from the base to the tip, then sweep around their respective dials to come to rest. Not only are these gauges easy to read, their outer rings can be set to glow amber or red when the vehicle reaches a specific speed or the engine attains a certain rpm level.

HomeLink® Remote Control
Located on the lower frame of the rearview mirror is the HomeLink® universal transceiver. It allows you to control up to three compatible remote devices—the garage door, your entry gate, even the living room lights—all with the touch of a button.


V6 Engines
Like the IS sport sedan, the IS Convertible comes in two models. The IS 350 C delivers a 3.5-liter 306-hp V6 for extraordinary performance and surprising fuel efficiency. The IS 250 C comes with a 2.5-liter 204-hp V6 for unexpected performance and excellent fuel economy.

Direct Injection
By injecting gasoline directly into the combustion chamber, the direct injection system provides a more effective mixture of air and fuel. Not only does this boost overall power, but the extra control over the air/fuel ratio helps to significantly improves gas mileage.

Dual Variable Valve Timing
Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) optimizes both the intake and exhaust valve timing throughout the rpm range, depending on engine and driving conditions. The system continuously monitors the engine’s speed and load to respond to the driver’s demands. This helps provide improved fuel efficiency, lower exhaust emissions and optimum power across all driving ranges. Torque is increased at lower speeds for better thrust. And power is boosted at higher speeds for better acceleration.

Six-Speed Paddle-Shift Automatic Transmission
The six gears found in the IS Convertible’s available automatic transmission allow for better gear-ratio matching to the engine. The benefits of this system are twofold: better acceleration than a typical five-speed transmission and improved fuel efficiency. In addition, racing-inspired paddle-shifters are integrated into the steering wheel, allowing you to quickly shift gears without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

Six-Speed Manual Transmission (IS 250 C)
This manual transmission gives you the feeling of ultimate control. The six gears allow for better gear ratio matching to the engine, resulting in better acceleration than a typical five-speed transmission, as well as improved fuel efficiency.

Optimized Suspension
To ensure the IS Convertible delivered a high-performance driving experience—regardless of the position of the top—we started with the same suspension system as the IS sport sedan, then made adjustments where necessary. For instance, we reinforced the chassis’ upper-support bracket for the rear shock absorbers and optimized the suspension bushings and the rear-suspension rubber mount. We also fine-tuned the front and rear springs, as well as the shock absorbers, all to provide the optimum balance between ride and handling.

Optimized Steering System
The position of a convertible’s roof can have a great effect on its balance and steering. For this reason, our engineers made adjustments to help perfect the aerodynamics, steering gear-ratio and overall steering system, giving the IS Convertible a consistent steering feel in both top-up and top-down scenarios.

Safety & Security

The IS Convertible features driver’s and front passenger’s knee airbags as well as front seat-mounted side airbags to help protect the occupants. Sensors determine the speed of deployment for the driver’s side airbag based on the position of the driver’s seat on the seat track. Also included is a twin-chamber airbag for the front passenger, which features an indentation at its center to help disperse the forces immediately after deployment.

Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM)
All IS models include Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM), which uses a sophisticated network of sensors to anticipate a skid before it occurs, rather than reacting to a skid the moment it begins. When VDIM detects a potential loss of traction in a turn, it seamlessly integrates steering, braking, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)  and Traction Control (TRAC) to help the driver stay on course.

Pre-Collision System (PCS)
The available Pre-Collision System (PCS) is equipped with a front-mounted radar sensor that can detect another vehicle traveling ahead of the IS Convertible. When the PCS computer determines that a frontal collision is unavoidable, it preemptively retracts the front seatbelts and preps the Brake Assist so increased braking force is available the moment the driver steps on the brake pedal.

ABS with Brake Assist
The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) employs computerized control to help prevent the wheels from locking up or skidding during braking. For additional control, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) monitors and manages the force between the front and rear brakes to help optimize brake performance. The moment the system detects an attempted emergency stop, Brake Assist automatically boosts braking force if the driver does not apply enough pressure to the brake pedal.

Rain-Sensing Wipers
The optional rain-sensing wipers are equipped with a sensor that can detect water on the windshield, thereby activating the wipers. The system then adjusts the speed as often as necessary, depending on the amount of rainfall.

Direct Tire Pressure Monitor
The direct Tire Pressure Monitor System constantly checks the air pressure of all four tires. When the tire pressure drops to a critically low level, a light on the instrument panel alerts the driver.

Theft-Deterrent System
The IS Convertible comes equipped with a state-of-the-art theft-deterrent system. This includes an engine immobilizer designed to prevent the car from starting if it cannot recognize the code transmitted by your key. The system changes the code each time you arm and disarm the alarm.

Reinforced Body
All IS models are built with side-impact door beams to help protect occupants during side collisions. In addition, the front and rear of the vehicle are engineered to crumple at a controlled rate to help absorb energy.

Smart Stop Technology
For additional peace of mind, this safety feature is designed to automatically reduce engine power when the driver is pressing down the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time under certain conditions. When the brake pedal is released, the Smart Stop Technology disengages. The feature does not engage if the brake pedal is pressed before the accelerator.