Toyota Innova

From its radiator grille to the rear combination lamps, every detail of the Innova’s new look exudes a sense of contemporary flair – perfect for today’s modern family.


A Modern twist
Front Bumper
The stylish front bumper features a unique trapezoid-shaped lower front grille together with a flat hood design to emphasize the vehicle’s width.

A charismatic front
Radiator Grille
This contemporary front grille gives the Innova a sleek and aerodynamic look.

Bold & bright
Apart from illuminating your journey, the protruding outer lens profile is specially designed to give Innova a look of modern boldness.

Poetry in motion
Alloy Wheel
The elegantly designed 15″ alloy wheels enhance the appearance of this modern-day MPV.

A touch of class
Wing Mirror
The streamlined wing mirror and its distinctive turn signal lamp, signify yet another bold statement from the new modern Innova.

Modern outlook
Rear Combination Lamp
A set of 3-dimensional rear combination lamps featuring clear lens configurations completes the Innova’s new contemporary look.

With a flexible seating arrangement, dual air-conditioning, vast storage space and other useful features, the Innova is built to accommodate all the comforts in life. Whether it’s long family trips or a weekend shopping spree, you have the right kind of space to fit it all in.

Take centre stage
Instrument Panel Centre Cluster
The elegant interior cabin enhances the sense of superiority, exclusivity, comfort and safety.

Drive with clarity
Optitron Meter
The ultra-stylish Optitron Meter comes with a new silver bezel and an ambient turquoise finish. It features an adjustable visual contrast to ensure greater clarity for the most confident drive.

At your fingertips
Steering Wheel with Audio & MID Switch
The lavish four-spoke steering wheel is designed with leather and wood trimmings and incorporates control switches for both audio and Multi-Information Display (MID) functions.

Fast facts
Multi-Information Display (MID)
The MID instantly provides all the essential information you need to ensure a smoother and safer driving experience with details such as:

  • Outside temperature
  • Current fuel consumption
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Driving time
  • Cruising range
  • Average speed
  • Compass

Space to share
Flexible Seating Arrangement

Be creative with the Innova’s 8-seater interior and flexible seating arrangements. Bring up to 8 people for a road trip and have a blast. Everybody’s welcome!


Comfort in every corner
Dual Air-Conditioning
Both front and back air-conditioner blowers are fitted with three vents to ensure the utmost comfort in every corner of the cabin.

Space for anything
Innovative Storage Solutions
Large or small, light or heavy – no matter what you need to take with you, the Innova has space to store them away safely and securely.

The Innova provides you with powerful acceleration and fuel economy at all times. Its VVT-i engine controls both the intake and exhaust camshafts, promoting valve timing that is optimally suited to the engine’s operating conditions.

Power & response
2.0L Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i) Engine
The 2.0 litre, 16-Valve DOHC engine delivers optimum power and responsive acceleration at both low and high speeds. And with the VVT-i technology, you enjoy a balance between power and fuel economy while getting maximum output and torque – and not to mention, lower emissions at the same time.

Maintain control
Front Suspension
The double wishbone suspension with coil springs and stabilisers provide better steering control.

Comfort & stability
Rear Suspension
The four-link with coil spring and lateral rods make corners safer and gives passengers a more comfortable ride.

The Innova offers protection for your whole family and comes equipped with advanced active and passive safety features such as ABS, GOA body and SRS airbags.

Hit the brakes
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
The ABS system ensures safer braking and steering control by preventing wheel lock-ups during sudden braking or while braking in slippery conditions.

Impact-absorbing body
Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) Body
In the event of a collision, this high-integrity body structure absorbs and helps dissipate impact energy before it reaches you or your passengers.

Vital protection
SRS Airbags
The SRS airbags are inflated during a frontal collision to minimise impact to the head and chest.

Cushions the head
Head Impact Protection
A collapsible impact-absorbing material has been installed in the roof and pillars to reduce collision impact on the heads of both the driver and passengers.

Safe from harm
Collapsible Steering Column
The steering column is designed to crumple into itself instead of entering the vehicle cabin during an accident – putting you out of harm’s way.

Peace of mind
Toyota Vehicle Security System
The comprehensive security system is equipped with an alarm, engine immobiliser, a siren with backup battery and motion sensors in the cabin. It also features an auto lock and door ajar warning.

Convenient parking
Reverse Sensors
The rear sensors alert you of any obstacles within your vehicle’s path – making parking a breeze.