Hyundai Accent

Expressive, distinctive styling was bound to find its way into a car of this class. At last, the all-new Accent shatters convention with the fluid lines and chiseled curves once reserved for cars costing much more. The Accent 5-Door model adds a versatile rear hatch for easier loading of cargo through the back.

Space can be deceptive, especially in a car this size.
But luckily for you, the Accent delivers it big with best-in-class front and rear shoulder room. The Accent 5-Door also received best-in-class cargo volume with even more cargo volume than the Infiniti EX35.


Steering-wheel-mounted Controls
Change the station, turn up the volume or engage cruise control without ever taking your hands off the wheel. With the optional Premium Package, enjoy steering-wheel-mounted audio and cruise controls that put the power right at your fingertips.

Carpooling? The Accent 5-Door has room for your friends and their bags, a surprising 111.3 cubic feet to be exact. Which is more than Ford Fiesta, Mazda2 and Toyota Yaris. In fact, the EPA even classified Accent as a compact rather than a subcompact, an entire class above Yaris and Fiesta.



Every Accent is equipped with a set of standard safety features that offer an exceptional level of protection for you and your passengers. Providing a greater degree of safety than you would ever expect to find in a car of this class.

The eco-efficient 1.6L GDI D-CVVT 4-cylinder engine commanding the all-new Accent offers best-in-class standard fuel efficiency and unsurpassed horsepower, making this vehicle easy on the wallet, and easy to drive.

Class-leading Standard Fuel Efficiency
Using less fuel is better for your wallet, and better for the environment. The Accent is engineered to be the class leader in standard fuel efficiency with 40 MPG on the highway for either a manual or an automatic transmission. In fact, it is an 18% improvement over its manual-transmission predecessor and greater than any competitor in its class.

Active ECO System
All Accent models with automatic transmission have an Active ECO System that modifies engine and transmission control for improved fuel economy. In fact, based on internal tests this system provides up to a 7% improvement in real-world fuel economy over vehicles without this feature.

Low Rolling Resistance Tires
The standard low rolling resistance silica tires ensure a more efficient ride. Less friction means less energy needed to get you moving.

Coefficient of Drag
The Accent 4-door has an exceptional coefficient of drag, estimated at a mere 0.30, thanks in part to the aerodynamic improvements in its design. Such improvements include its aerodynamic body, shielded tire and optimized engine undercover to help minimize resistance.