2012 Audi R8 Spyder


Motorsport Carbon Fiber Engine Cover with Aluminum Optic Engine Vents and Rear Body Panels-inspired Design
Nestled under a carbon fiber reinforced polymer cover, the R8 Spyder features Aluminum Optic engine vents and rear body panels. With its exclusive aesthetic and bold design, these exclusive design features distinguish the R8 from everything else on the road while highlighting the performance characteristics of the vehicle.

Full LED Lighting
The R8 is the world’s first series-production vehicle to offer an available full LED headlight system. High beam, low beam, daytime running lights, mirror-housed turn signals and taillights all offer brilliant, unmistakable illumination. The R8 features a total of 24 LED daytime running lights, symbolic of Audi victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Performance-ready Acoustic Top
Although the R8 Spyder is a convertible, it’s still very much designed for speed. In fact, the specially designed Acoustic top incorporates three-layers of insulation comparable to a traditional hard top. This means the R8 Spyder is capable of reaching the 195 MPH top speed without hesitation. In addition, the top is capable of retracting in 19 seconds at speeds up to 31 MPH.


Race-inspired Driver-oriented Cockpit Design
The entire cockpit (monoposto) of the R8 Spyder is tilted toward the driver for maximum performance from both the car and the driver.

Micrometallic Inlays
The quality of materials and craftsmanship of the R8 interior is highlighted by refined Micrometallic inlays that extend throughout the cockpit.

Carbon Fiber Sigma Interior Inlays
The use of Carbon Fiber Sigma Interior Inlays creates a performance-driven look to the interior of the R8 Spyder.

Race-inspired Steering Wheel with Shift Paddles
The race-inspired, lightweight, magnesium, three-spoke, leather-wrapped design has a performance look and feel that includes R tronic shift paddles [on vehicles equipped with R tronic transmission] for quick gear changes. The multifunction steering wheel provides easy access to MMI®-inspired logic control for CD, radio, navigation and voice control functions.


5.2 Liter V10 Engine
At the heart of the R8 Spyder 5.2 is the soul stirring 525 hp 5.2 FSI V10 engine.  The V10 screams to an astronomical 8700 rpm and propels the R8 Spyder 5.2 to 60 mph in only 4.0 seconds on the way up to a top track speed of 194 mph. As part of a race-bred mid-engine design that contributes to superb handling dynamics, the 5.2 V10 produces 101hp/liter and features race winning technology such as FSI direct injection and a dry sump lubrication system that assures engine lubrication under the most demanding driving situations. It is no wonder then, that this same engine is used in the R8 LMS GT3 race car.

Six-speed R tronic Transmission
An automated six-speed manual gearbox combines the control of a manual gearbox with the advantages of an automatic.
Shifting is performed with the joystick gear lever or with manual shift paddles mounted on the steering wheel. A sport mode shift program further accentuates motorsport oriented gear shifting.

quattro® All-wheel Drive
As a true supercar the R8 not only offers blistering speed but awe-inspiring handling. Featuring the legendary quattro® all-wheel drive system, the R8 inspires driver confidence, giving you traction when you need it, where you need it, regardless of road conditions. To accommodate the extreme performance of the R8, quattro® utilizes a continuously variable torque distribution, dynamically adjusting power to the wheels with the best traction. With a significant 85% rear torque bias and up to 30% available for the front wheels as needed, this highly specialized quattro® system provides the R8 with a balanced driving experience unlike any car on the road.

4.2 Liter V8 Engine
The soul of the R8 Spyder 4.2 is the adrenaline inducing 430 hp 4.2 FSI V8 engine. The V8 engine produces 316 lb-ft of torque and rockets from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.6 seconds to a top track speed of 186 mph. As part of a race-bred mid-engine design that contributes to superb handling dynamics, the 4.2 V8 features race winning technology such as FSI direct injection, sodium-cooled exhaust valves and is setup for a high-revving 8250 rpm.

FSI® Direct Injection
Audi Fuel Stratified Injection, or FSI®, offers the benefits of increased performance and fuel efficiency. FSI direct injection delivers a precise amount of fuel directly into the engine cylinders as opposed to the engine intake runners. This advanced process helps ensure a more complete combustion, thereby diminishing waste and increasing power.
Additionally, the specially designed piston heads compress the fuel-air mixture in a spiraling motion, creating the most efficient combustion possible. Making the most of these technologies allows for greater efficiency in the combustion process.

Dry Sump Lubrication
A dry sump is an exclusive oil system in development as a racing application that uses a secondary external reservoir for oil, as compared to a conventional oil system.
Dry sump lubrication offers many advantages in the R8. For instance, under heavy acceleration or cornering, the vehicle’s powertrain components stay in place and continue to receive lubrication, guaranteeing an even and constant supply of oil. Also, the large reservoir offers increased oil capacity, which ensures cool oil temperatures for consistent performance.


Advanced Braking System
The R8 boasts a braking system designed to match its impressive power output. The system features a 14.4” front rotor with eight pistons and a 14” rear rotor with four pistons. The brakes are internally vented and cross-drilled to increase airflow and cooling, which prevents brake fade for faster stopping. The front brakes include a total of eight pistons which offers high clamp force for fast, powerful braking.

Audi Magnetic Ride
With thousands of miles logged on the world’s most grueling test circuit, the North Loop of the Nürburgring, the suspension system of the R8 is further enhanced with Audi magnetic ride, which offers instantaneous driver control at the touch of a button. By utilizing an advanced magnetically charged fluid whose viscosity continuously adapts to driving dynamics and can be controlled electromagnetically, the driver can select from ‘Normal’ or ‘Sport’ modes to customize the R8 ride and handling. The result is improved driving dynamics, reduced body movement, better road handling and enhanced overall ride comfort.

The R8 is built with the revolutionary Audi Space Frame [ASF®] chassis, a technology Audi invented, and has spent more than a decade mastering. The framework of an ASF body consists of extruded aluminum sections and pressure castings. The aluminum chassis and sheet metal are just as strong as steel, but lighter to boost performance and efficiency. The frame carries the sheet aluminum elements, such as the roof panel, which helps withstand loads on the body. The elements of ASF are varied in shape and cross-section, depending on the tasks they have to perform. Like the bones of a human skeleton, they combine optimal function with low weight. The result of ASF technology is a frame that is lightweight yet extremely strong, which delivers high torsional rigidity and optimal performance.


Assembled By Hand
Nothing about the R8 Spyder is ordinary. The same goes for the way the vehicle is built. Each R8 Spyder is assembled by the hands of a highly skilled Audi technician, which has proven to be the ideal tool for creating a maximum of 20 works of art a day.

Driver information system with Lap-timer
The driver information system located in the middle of the instrument cluster offers the driver an eyes forward display of pertinent information such as current MPG status, navigation directions, estimated time and distance to destination, a lap timer as well as allowing you to scroll through your phone book, CD menu and radio presets.

Audi Navigation System plus with Real-time Traffic
The DVD-based Audi Navigation system plus features a full-color 6.5” LCD screen and MMI®-inspired control logic for AM/FM and SIRIUS Radio® functions, real-time traffic, a six-CD changer in the glove box or iPod® integration through Audi Music Interface, and two SD® card slots for your MP3 music. Navigation information is given as audible route-guidance prompts and turn arrows via the color driver information system as well as a detailed color map on the main screen; five languages are available.

Audi Parking System plus with Rearview Camera
The rearview camera offers a real-time view of the rear parking area, while the front and rear ultrasonic parking sensors measure the distance to the nearest objects and intermittent audible tones indicate the distance to the driver.

Bang & Olufsen® Sound System
The standard Bang & Olufsen Sound System includes 12 speakers with 465 digitally amplified watts and surround sound reproduction. The microphone-based noise compensation ensures optimum sound under varying road conditions and speeds.

BLUETOOTH® with Seatbelt Microphone
The advanced technology of the Audi R8 Spyder allows you to conveniently access many features on your BLUETOOTH®-enabled phone via the MMI® operating system or convenient voice control, allowing for easy, intuitive, hands-free communication. The system is also the first to include a seatbelt microphone, which delivers the best possible sound even at highway speeds with the top down.

Fine Nappa Leather
Seats and other elements finished in available Fine Nappa leather create a comfortable, supportive and luxurious experience no matter how long or short the trip may be.

Thermal Resistant Leather
The R8 Spyder features exclusively designed thermal resistant leather, which ensures seat temperature no greater than 68º F even in direct sunlight.

2012 Audi TT RS


Audi Xenon Plus Headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights
Signature LED daytime running lights and high-intensity headlights add a distinct look to the TT RS. Instantly recognizable by their powerful yet elegant line, the LED portion improves visibility while using half the energy of conventional bulbs. Each headlight features 12 LED clusters, for a total of 24—one for each hour of Audi domination at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

New High-Gloss Black honeycomb design Singleframe® Grille
The TT has long been acknowledged as a design icon, and the TT RS takes the legendary design to an all-new level.  A new high-gloss black honeycomb design Singleframe grille adds an exclusive accent to the already athletic exterior. The TT RS has larger, more aggressive air intakes, immediately signaling that this is a TT RS.

Race-inspired Leather Sport Steering Wheel with Flat Bottom
The three-spoke TT RS steering wheel is specifically designed for spirited driving. Thicker, with more prominent contours than its TT counter-part its lightweight magnesium core is wrapped in high-grip perforated leather, with a flat bottom that results in expanded legroom and better driver hand orientation. And it’s useful during every day driving too. The multifunction base provides easy access to BLUETOOTH®-enabled devices, the Driver Information System (DIS), audio volume control, voice prompts and radio and CD track selection.

Fixed Rear Wing
The TT RS has a larger fixed rear wing for added sportiness and downforce on the rear axle.

Exclusive TT RS Badging and Details
Significant yet subtle, the signature Audi RS diamond-pattern grille of the TT RS balances TT RS badging on the front and rear bumpers, performance brakes with the 14.6”, cross-drilled front rotors are coupled to black calipers engraved with a distinctive TT RS logo. Interior detailing includes TT RS-specific interior door handles, sills, steering wheel and a silk nappa leather interior emblazed with tasteful TT RS emblems.
Exclusive 19″ five-arm, polished wheels are also available. The RS aesthetic is completed by large front air inlets, oval exhaust pipes, and a dual-branch exhaust system that creates a discreet but decidedly striking engine sound.

Front Brakes with Exclusive TT RS Calipers
The TT RS is equipped with unique 19″ exclusive 5-arm-rotor-design wheels and special black TT RS four-piston calipers in front with engraved TT RS badges. The calipers have an aluminum cover and cast-steel friction ring to save weight, and resist deformation under high temperatures.

Rear Diffuser with Dual-branch Exhaust System
The TT RS is a feast for the ears as well as the eyes. Flaps in the exhaust system shape a striking engine note and add an aggressive dimension every time you accelerate.

New Bumper Design
New design features on the TT RS include the assertive yet streamlined front bumper housing large air inlets and the high-gloss black Singleframe® grille. The result is a track-inspired aesthetic only available on the TT RS.


The RS Difference
Available for a limited time only, the new Audi TT RS Coupe is the ultimate performance expression of the TT line.
The TT RS is equipped with an exclusive five-cylinder turbo powerplant mated to a specially-designed six-speed manual transmission that results in staggering acceleration. 0-60mph is dealt with in just 4.1 seconds.
To ensure the TT RS stays firmly glued to the road we’ve equipped it with our legendary quattro® all-wheel drive system and the revolutionary ASF® frame. In the process we have established a new standard in sports car performance.

0 to 60 in 4.1 Seconds with a Top Speed of 174 MPH
Extreme performance requires right components. The TT RS features an enlarged turbocharger that helps deliver 360 hp and 343 lb-ft. of torque. Internal rods and pistons are reinforced to cope with the most demanding track and road conditions around the world. And to keep things composed, Audi Magnetic Ride continuously adjusts suspension settings to deliver the best handling and maximize driver comfort based on no matter the conditions. The result is a confidence-inspiring connection to the road, no matter what road that may be.

quattro® Permanent All-wheel Drive
More than a bad weather security blanket, the quattro® all-wheel drive system’s dynamic Torque Vectoring shines through in all seasons. The system continuously monitors the traction of each wheel and adjusts the amount of power allocated to each individual corner of the TT RS to ensure maximum traction, ideal handling, and unbridled performance. Yet another unfair advantage.

High-performance Brakes and Sport Suspension
Maximum driving performance requires maximum control. The TT RS 14.6″ oversized brakes are internally vented and cross-drilled to increase airflow and cooling, which prevents brake fade for faster deceleration. So, the TT RS can come to a stop as impressively as it can accelerate.


The exclusive, lightweight design of Audi Space Frame (ASF) technology offers a number of significant advantages over the competition. By using a combination of aluminum and steel, hybrid ASF technology significantly reduces vehicle weight, while helping maintain strength and increasing rigidity.
The ASF weighs 48% less than a conventional steel frame, this lighter frame translates into greater fuel efficiency as well as better acceleration and braking, becuase less mass needs to be moved and stopped.
Thanks to the use of aluminum, the vehicle body is stiffer, resulting in higher torsional rigidity. This stiffness enhances handling by allowing more precision and stability in the vehicle’s response. Another benefit of the extensive use of aluminum is its ability to absorb vibration, creating a smoother, quieter ride.

Six-speed Manual Transmission
True to its high-performance roots, the TT RS comes equipped with an exclusive six-speed, close-ratio manual transmission, specifically designed for quick gear shifts and a deeper connection to the vehicle.

Audi magnetic ride
One button. Maximum control. The suspension system of the TT RS is further enhanced with Audi magnetic ride, which offers instantaneous driver control at the touch of a button. Utilizing an advanced magnetically charged fluid whose viscosity continuously adapts to driving dynamics and can be controlled electromagnetically, the driver can select from ‘Normal’ or ‘Sport’ modes. Resulting in an enhance exhaust note and a more responsive throttle that customizes the TT RS ride and handling. The result is a more precise and direct driving dynamic, reduced body movement and enhanced overall ride comfort.