Hyundai Azera

Roomy, refined, and loaded with standard features. The 2011 Hyundai Azera is the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. With 123.5 cu. ft inside, the Azera boasts more total interior volume than Toyota Avalon, Mercedes E-Class sedans and the BMW 750i.
And it comes available with power-adjustable tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel, integrated memory system, power rear sunshade, heated front seats and standard XM® Satellite Radio.For years, the Azera has been described by the press and by owners as a nearly unbeatable combination of luxury and value, and also one of the automotive industry’s best-kept secrets.Consider the secret officially out.

Every part of a car is important. But there’s one part that affects drivers and passengers more than any other: the seat.Hyundai’s seat engineers—yes, we have engineers specifically dedicated to the seats—took a close look at ways of making the Azera’s seats even more comfortable and supportive.They started by using an incredibly strong and durable seat frame. Springs and seat cushions were carefully sourced to ensure they would be both comfortable and supportive. And seatbacks were strategically reinforced to offer appropriate lumbar support. Then they wrap them in premium leather, standard on the Limited and available on GLS.But the design of the actual seat is just the first step. The key is being able to adjust the seat to fit each person individually. The Azera allows you to power-adjust the driver’s seat in eight different ways; front passengers have four available adjustments. And the Integrated Memory System allows you to program and store the position of the steering wheel, mirrors, and driver seat. The seats are even heated, which can soothe sore backs as well as warm them.

Some might say performance doesn’t matter in a luxury car. If that were the case, luxury cars would be nothing more than economy cars with added equipment. At Hyundai, we think of performance as another form of luxury, but we also believe performance is more complex than the sum of a car’s test data. Instead, we judge a car by asking one very important question: How well does it measure up to expectations? Hyundai engineers tried to go one step further, by engineering the Azera’s performance to exceed expectations with responsive power, confident maneuvering and low noise levels.

When you press the gas pedal on a luxury car, it should accelerate smartly. No question there. But how it goes about that process is what separates an average car from a luxury car.Drive the Azera and you’ll notice the sensation of having deep reserves of power—its V6 engine includes technologies like Continuously Variable Valve Timing and a Variable Intake System, and is generously sized to produce strong torque at low engine speeds. Details like iridium-tipped spark plugs and a high 10.4:1 compression ratio further enhance the engine’s sensitivity to your every request.Adding to this responsiveness is a six-speed automatic transmission that is adept at choosing the right gear at the right time. If you want to make those decisions yourself, just move the gear selector over to the SHIFTRONIC® gate for added control.The Azera’s feel of unruffled composure stems from the engine’s high refinement when doing its work. The links and sprockets on the maintenance-free timing chain were reshaped and vital components in the engine and transmission were stiffened, not just to reduce noise but also to make the sounds you do hear more pleasant to the ear. Like an orchestra, every piece in the ensemble is in perfect tune.

The Hyundai Azera is equipped with a long list of active and passive safety features, including eight standard airbags11, a high-tensile steel unibody, active front head restraints, Electronic Stability Control, a Traction Control System5, and an intelligent braking system. Also standard: peace of mind.

The brain is an amazing instrument—it has a lightning-quick ability to sense danger. Unfortunately for us, in the time it takes the brain to send a signal through the neural networks and down to your braking foot, well, a lot can happen.But ESC takes only a fraction of a second to detect when things go awry.5 Based on how hard or how quickly you steer, a veritable army of sensors—which measure yaw, lateral G-force, steering wheel angle and the speed of all four wheels—determines whether your intended path and your actual path are in sync.

The Hyundai Azera pays homage to the saying “fashion fades, style endures” by designing a car for those who champion quality and intelligent design over showiness. To that end, the goal for the Azera’s exterior styling was to exude confidence and avoid gimmicks, while still maintaining the functional comfort that buyers of this class of car demand. Adding to the already sophisticated look of the Azera, we’ve enhanced the exterior with many premium updates such as a bolder front grille design, chrome tipped dual exhaust integrated into the bumper, 17” alloy-wheels and LED rear tail lights.

In an age of disposable items, it’s unusual to encounter something that’s made to last; but with our warranty covering virtually every part of the Azera for as long as the competition covers just the powertrain components, it doesn’t benefit us to cut corners.When you examine an Azera, you’ll notice a difference in the way it’s finished. But even the things you can’t see have been carefully considered by our engineers. For instance, the thickness of the side glass was specially designed to ensure that outside noise would stay outside. The jointing and sealing methods used on the car were also developed to increase refinement and longevity. And wherever extra effort would be noticed and appreciated by the customer, we encouraged the engineers to make it. One of the many reasons the Azera has continued to win over the public and the press.So, to those who claim things aren’t built the way they used to be built, we offer the Azera as proof that, actually, some things are built even better.

In the graceful arc of the Azera’s roof and the taut proportions of the rear bumper lie an even deeper beauty: Each detail serves a true functional purpose.The high arc of the roof makes the Azera easier to enter and exit. This silhouette also positively impacts interior space, particularly head, shoulder and leg room, not to mention the area available for storage.The shape of the trunk—its wide opening, and even the rear bumper—were scrutinized not just to look good but also to ensure that it would be easy to load. Consider how you must contort your body to reach for an object deep inside the trunk of the average large car. Then, try doing the same with the Azera and see how much easier it is. Sometimes form and function can happily coexist.