BMW M3 Sedan



Every inch a sports car
The exterior of the BMW M3 Sedan
One look at the BMW M3 Sedan reveals it all: a perfect blend of sports car and sedan. The muscular front end with its large air vents and prominent powerdome, the wind tunnel-honed exterior mirrors, the four chromed tailpipes and wider rear track. It’s an exterior that promises exhilarating performance combined with four-door practicality.

A driver’s paradise
The interior of the BMW M3 Sedan
The BMW M3 Sedan is as special inside as out. Its cockpit has a true sports car feel, but combined with high ergonomic comfort and fine design. From the leather-trimmed M multifunction steering wheel with stitching in M colours to the special M sports seats or the Titanium Shadow interior trim, every detail reflects the exclusivity and sporting pedigree that define BMW M.


A joy for passengers too
Cabin space in the BMW M3 Sedan
A performance car that brings racing technology to the road, yet has ample space for all occupants: the BMW M3 Sedan. Its spacious four-door cabin ensures even rear seat passengers can travel in comfort, while the generous 450 litres of luggage space enhances its everyday usability even further. But all that practicality doesn’t disguise its true nature – that of a thoroughbred sports car.


A joy for passengers too
Cabin space in the BMW M3 Sedan
A performance car that brings racing technology to the road, yet has ample space for all occupants: the BMW M3 Sedan. Its spacious four-door cabin ensures even rear seat passengers can travel in comfort, while the generous 450 litres of luggage space enhances its everyday usability even further. But all that practicality doesn’t disguise its true nature – that of a thoroughbred sports car.

Engine and Chassis

Raising the redline
The eight-cylinder engine
Power all the way to the redline – the BMW M3 Sedan’s eight-cylinder engine has a genuine race-car character. Every component has been carefully optimized to maximize output and engine speed. The result: 414hp, up to 8,300rpm, and 295 lbs of torque at 3,900 rpm. And that’s not all: the individual throttle butterflies and engine management system ensures the engine responds rapidly to driver inputs, translating every touch of the right pedal into instant acceleration.

Short shifts
The six-speed transmission
The BMW M3 Sedan offers ultra-fast, ultra-precise shifts every time. Its six-speed manual gearbox ensures optimum transmission of engine power throughout the rev range, resulting in smooth acceleration on demand. Even downshifts are a pleasure – especially when followed by a bend. And a redesigned, more lightweight, ventilated clutch makes for improved heat dissipation.

The rules of the race
M Double-Clutch Transmission (M-DCT) Drivelogic
Taking your breath away but not your speed, the M DCT Drivelogic Double-Clutch Transmission transfers engine power to the road without the slightest disruption to tractive force. With two transmission structures the system is able to switch simply between the two, thus providing constant power to the rear wheels. Gears can be changed without the transmission of power being interrupted using either the paddles, shift lever or automatic mode for even more dynamic comfort.

Take a break
Auto Start Stop function
Red lights, traffic jams, roadworks – in everyday driving situations there are countless instances where the engine is idling, unnecessarily burning fuel. The Auto Start Stop function is a system that automatically turns off the engine when it is not needed, and starts it again silently as soon as you place your foot on the clutch. This not only reduces fuel consumption, it also lowers emissions.

Every gram counts
Innovative lightweight construction
Innovative lightweight construction improves longitudinal and lateral dynamics. That’s why the BMW M3 Sedan has lightweight materials in key areas such as the bumpers and drivetrain. As a result, the new V8 engine weighs 15 kg less than its six-cylinder predecessor. As well as reducing weight, we’ve lowered the centre of gravity and stiffened the chassis, making for even greater agility and stability.

Full grip ahead
The variable M differential lock
A little extra traction can make all the difference, and the torque-sensitive, variable M differential lock identifies exactly when traction is needed. Even when wheel grip varies enormously, such as on bends taken at high speed, road holding remains excellent as the locking power between the left and right rear wheels can be raised to 100%. Drivers who expect the most from their cars know what this feature delivers: it optimizes handling, improves safety and enhances the thrust provided by the BMW M3 Sedan’s rear-wheel drive.

Safety in extremis
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
The DSC system prevents loss of road holding in extreme situations. When activated, it stops the vehicle from veering off track by applying the brakes to those wheels that keep it on course. Together with the M Dynamic Mode, DSC gives your sports ambitions free rein as drive slip for both longitudinal and transverse dynamics increases at all speed levels.

Limits are for exploring
M Dynamic Mode
Activating the M Dynamic Mode and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) gives your sports ambitions free reign. Drive slip for both longitudinal and lateral dynamics increases at all speed levels because DSC does not instantly intervene in the automobile’s motion. This does not impact on safety, however: it is just a means to increase driving pleasure.

Ergonomics and Safety

A clearer view
Adaptive Headlights
Night time driving on twisting roads? Adaptive Headlights on the BMW M3 Sedan enhance safety considerably. Sensors permanently monitor the speed and steering angle of the front wheels – this data is then processed and electromechanical motors angle the cups of the xenon headlights in the direction that best illuminates the course of the road ahead.

Quick bite
High-performance brakes
Developed and tested on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife: the high-performance compound brake discs fulfill the toughest of requirements on braking deceleration, durability, wet-weather performance and heat response – requirements usually only met by a sports car. These fully floating and perforated brakes react quickly and precisely, and thanks to the cross-drilled brake disc and partial use of aluminum, the system is incredibly lightweight. The result? A high-performance braking system for better everyday suitability.

Customized driving pleasure
M Drive Manager
M Drive enables drivers to program a host of the BMW M3 Sedan’s functions to suit their individual preferences. These functions include the Digital Motor Electronics (DME system), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Electronic Damper Control (EDC), Servotronic steering and the engine. Just one touch of the M Drive button on the steering wheel and all preselected settings are reactivated – for exceptionally comfortable or exceptionally dynamic driving.

BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Exterior design

M design
Distinct appearance: you can detect the racing genes of the 1 Series M Coupé with your eyes alone. Powerful exterior design, fully dedicated to high-performance on the ideal line. And with an interior to bring you the experience of a motor sports atmosphere every day.
From the mighty air inlets on the low front bumper, via the strongly contoured side sections with their powerfully flared wing extensions, M wing mirrors and the typical M side air vents, through to the spoiler lip and respect-commanding twin tailpipes on either side: the BMW 1 Series M Coupé demonstrates dynamic presence – from every angle.
The charisma of a high-performance automobile also determines the atmosphere of the interior. Exclusivity that you can see and feel everywhere. In the M entry sills and the M footrest, on first contact with the M sports seats and in the stylish black leather upholstery with its sporty contrasting stitching. On first catching sight of the typical M styling of the instrument panel or on first reaching earnestly for the M gear knob.

Shaped by the absolute desire for maximum performance: the athletic appearance of the BMW 1 Series Coupé. The distinctive front and rear bumpers, M wing mirrors and the spoiler lip speak the unmistakeable language of perfection in design and a maximum in aerodynamic optimization.
With its mighty air inlets in typical M design, the front bumper of the BMW 1 Series Coupé guarantees the supply of cooling air for the M TwinPower Turbo engine. Two additional vertical air inlets in the outer part of the front bumper, known as air curtains, improves the airflow around the wheel housing by significantly reducing turbulence. Even the M wing mirrors above the characteristic side air vents with integrated blinker and M badging not only look good, they offer the best possible view to the rear while presenting minimum drag. Also born in the wind tunnel: the spoiler lip – an additional cut-off that reduces lift at high speeds.

Broad track width
You see and sense it straight away: strength comes from breadth. Whether on a straight at full acceleration or cornering with sporty ambitions– the broad track width of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé combines high-precision stability with maximum agility and razor-sharp steering characteristics.
A 1,541-millimetre track width on both axles – this gives the BMW 1 Series M Coupé an increase of 71 mm at the front and 44 mm at the rear compared with the BMW 135i. The new high-performance chassis, a low centre of gravity and the optimum axle load distribution of almost 50:50 result in a highly dynamic driving experience.
Typically M: the respect-commanding visual impression of the broad track is further underlined by the 19-inch light-alloy wheels in their M-specific Y-spoke design including mixed tires.

Colours and wheels
Dimensions and design of the standard 19-inch light-alloy wheels in the M-specific Y-spoke styling spell out the distinctive sporty character. The BMW 1 Series M Coupé – top athlete that appears in three exterior paint finishes: Valencia Orange, Black Sapphire and Alpine White.
Outstanding performance figures make the BMW 1 Series Coupé into a genuinely exceptional phenomenon. One distinct identifying feature: the impressive M light-alloy wheels in M-specific Y-spoke styling with 19-inch mixed tires. Front: 9J x 19 with 245/35 ZR 19 tyres. Rear: 10J x 19 with 265/35 ZR 19 tires. In-between: 100% sheer driving pleasure.

Interior design

Instrument panel
Drivers of an M car are already familiar with this sight: even before the engine starts up, the red needles of the speedometer and rev counter together with the white instrument lighting indicate what awaits you: pure M driving dynamics – systematically designed on journeys beyond the commonplace.
The M badging in the rev counter stands for sheer driving pleasure – right up to the limit. To make sure you can enjoy this sight to the full even in adverse lighting conditions, the classic twin circular instrument gauges are protected from interfering sunlight by an Alcantara covered hood. The orange contrasting stitching of the hood, which is continued on the Alcantara and leather surfaces throughout the interior, sets exclusive sporting accents in the BMW 1 Series Coupé.

M leather steering wheel
More grip on the wheel: the M leather steering wheel always lies snugly in your hands. Luxurious leather and the thickness of the rim display their talents particularly when sporty manoeuvres are involved and wherever the route places high demands on the driver.
The ideal radius of action for spirited driving has a diameter of 368 millimetres, contrasting stitching in M colours, a highly contoured rim and ergonomic thumbrests. In combination with the vehicle-speed-dependent steering force support of Servotronic, the BMW 1 Series M Coupé offers steering precision that makes you long for every corner.
Full control that extends beyond the direction of travel: the M button to activate M Drive and the remaining buttons on the M leather steering wheel to operate the audio system or telephone. Making sure you can always concentrate on what is important: the ideal line.

M sports seats
The M sports seats. Tailor-made for high-adrenalin cornering and expeditions to explore the limits of physics. They reliably counter the forces of lateral acceleration with distinctly contoured side supports and an adjustable backrest.
Increased performance through ergonomics: the precise fit of the M sports seats in the BMW 1 Series M Coupé offer the best possible body support even for hairpin bends taken in an ambitiously sporty style. The elegant Boston leather in black with contrasting orange stitching and the discreet M embossing on the front headrests add especially stylish shapes to functions designed for sport.

Leather trim and contrast stitching
Tailor-made for those with gasoline in their veins and a desire for exclusivity: the ambience of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé. Every detail reflects the spirit of the M philosophy – such as the sporty contrasting orange stitching on the luxurious black leather trim.
The distinctive contrasting stitching not only leaves a lasting impression of athletic character on the M sports seats in Boston leather but also on the interior and door trims in Alcantara. It also signals dynamic elegance and masterful craftsmanship on the gaiters for handbrake and gear lever as well as on the hood of the instrument panel. Take a seat, breathe in deeply – and give your driving pleasure free rein.

M badging
A 100% assurance: wherever you see M you can be sure of finding the passion and experience of BMW M. This is why you will encounter the strongest letter in the world in prominent positions in the BMW 1 Series Coupé.
Pure dynamics under the sign of M: from the rear and the M side air vents, via entry sills, footrest, rev counter, steering wheel, gear lever through to the discreet embossing on the headrests: the M logo enriches the driver’s direct environment just as it does the road and racetrack. And it turns every journey in the BMW 1 Series M Coupé into a very special experience.

Driving Dynamics

The essence of intensity
The BMW 1 Series M Coupé brings the racetrack onto the road. The BMW M TwinPower Turbo in-line six-cylinder generates explosive rushes of adrenalin and a tremendous racing of the pulse. Intense sensations, which thanks to the M high-performance chassis, strictly follow the ideal line.
The perfect interplay between superior power, self-assured control and exact precision opens up a new dimension of driving dynamics. Just as it does on the racetrack, this overall package finely tuned with the passion and combined motor sports experience of BMW M also makes the decisive difference in the BMW 1 Series M Coupé.
High-performance components such as the cooling system fit for racing, the compound braking system and the M chassis offer outstanding benefits. And combined with the advantages of rear-wheel drive, the ideal weight distribution, the intelligent lightweight chassis construction and the optimized aerodynamics, these characteristics actually intensify each other. This unique M setup of the BMW 1 Series Coupé supports sporty ambitions through a weight-power ratio of 4.5 kg/hp, perfect road holding, outstanding agility and large reserves of safety. In every speed range, in every driving manoeuvre.

M TwinPower Turbo in-line six-cylinder gasoline engine
Explosive power build-up, beefy torque, endless power: In the BMW 1 Series M Coupé, the in-line six-cylinder engine with M TwinTurbo technology displays its strengths to the full in all ranges of revs.
From a standing start, the speedometer needle passes the 100 km/h mark on the dial in only 4.9 seconds. 335 hp and 332 lb-ft, and even 369 lb-ft with overboost function: figures that reveal their full effect in combination with the moderate consumption values of 9.8 l/100 km.
There is no more efficient way to convert gasoline into adrenalin: M TwinPower Turbo technology and high precision injection supply more power from less fuel.
In the M TwinPower Turbo the engineers at BMW M have consistently implemented the philosophy of “Less is more”: specifically reducing weight on the dual-mass flywheel produces a more spontaneous throttle response and the engine achieves high revs more quickly.

M chassis
Complete control and maximum levels of agility and dynamics even under the most extreme driving conditions. That was the aim in development. And it is precisely what the sophisticated construction of the M high-performance chassis with large track width produces in the BMW 1 Series Coupé.
Technology that has demonstrated its prowess on the racetrack can now display its superiority in the BMW 1 Series M Coupé as well. For this chassis gives drivers what they want: lightness of handling, steering precision fit for the racetrack and direct feedback from the road for an even more intense driving experience.
Intelligent lightweight construction guarantees high torsion resistance with reduced weight. The entire chassis setup of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé has been perfectly tuned – in tough practical trials on the Nürburgring. The result is outstanding driving dynamics which remain fully and safely under control even during sudden evasive manoeuvres or ambitious braking and shifting down before cornering.

M compound disc brakes
Brakes for greater dynamics: the high-performance compound brake discs achieve outstanding stopping times. Perforated and connected via a floating arrangement, they function reliably and highly effectively even under maximum load – and regardless of the weather conditions.
Thanks to the clearly defined pressure point, the braking power can always be applied precisely. The high-performance compound system also assuredly eliminates fading – the decline in braking power at high temperatures has been systematically minimized.
Compound disc brakes in the BMW 1 Series Coupé also actively contribute to improving driving dynamics in another respect: using aluminum brake disc chambers and locating them behind special light-alloy wheels significantly reduces the rotating and unsprung masses. The noticeable result is maximum efficiency during braking with top performance for handling and agility.

M differential lock
More traction and greater stability when cornering and even on snow, gravel or ice. The M differential lock supplies optimum traction and supports the dynamic qualities of rear-wheel drive – both when accelerating out of corners and manoeuvring on slippery surfaces.
The variable M differential lock fitted as standard in the BMW 1 Series M Coupé even reacts to the smallest differences in rotational speed between the right and left rear wheel – and imposes a fully variable locking action of up to 100%. The detectable results of this intelligent channelling of drive power is optimum traction and a maximum of thrust on all road surfaces.

M Dynamic mode
Press for sport. In M Dynamic mode, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) allows sporting excursions to explore the limits of physics. A significant expansion of the intervention parameters in the BMW 1 Series M Coupé makes even controlled drifts possible.
M Dynamic mode increases the thresholds for the intervention of Dynamic Stability Control. This delayed intervention allows more slippage in the longitudinal and lateral dynamics at every speed – the basis for better lap times on the racetrack and for consistent refinement of cornering technique. Yet even though the control systems intervene later, safety is never jeopardized in any way. As soon as there is any danger of the physical limits being exceeded, DSC cuts in for your safety.

6-speed manual transmission
Extremely short shift throws allow swifter gear changing. Whether you’re shifting up for the sprint on the straight or swiftly changing down for last-minute braking before a chicane or hairpin bend, the tremendous power of the engine is used to the optimum over the entire range of revs.
Six gears for the passion of speed and dynamics at their limit. The lightweight, inner-vented clutch is specially designed for optimum heat dissipation and thus increases shifting comfort for a sports driving style – manual commands to the gearbox are executed with speed and precision.

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