2013 Infiniti IPL G Coupe


Infiniti Performance Line

The Infiniti Performance Line™ represents the pinnacle of Infiniti innovation and craftsmanship. Luxury and performance are amplified in the IPL G Coupe: the exclusive IPL-tuned engine and suspension augment the driving experience while aggressive styling and aerodynamics visually express the elemental strength contained within.

Power Output

Building on the already impressive performance of the G Coupe’s 3.7-liter 24-valve V6 engine, the IPL G Coupe has been tuned to produce more torque and an additional 18 horsepower. IPL enhancements intensify the feel of acceleration, delivering a more exhilarating driving experience. Advanced high-flow dual air intakes help the engine breathe more freely, reducing air resistance and improving output. Low-friction coated pistons reduce resistance, while Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL® ) intake technology boosts performance while improving emissions and fuel efficiency.


Take direct control with the 6-speed manual transmission for the maximum driving experience or choose the 7-speed automatic for effortless acceleration. With the 7-speed automatic, more gears means optimum selection for quick and responsive acceleration. And the high 7th gear allows lower-rpm cruising for greater fuel efficiency. Shift through all seven smoothly and seamlessly in automatic mode, or switch into manual with Downshift Rev Matching and use the solid magnesium paddle shifters for a more hands-on connection.


The IPL G Coupe’s modified spring rates provide improved performance for taut handling while the expertly tuned dampening of the double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension provide a balanced, luxurious feel.

Dual Exhaust

With output you’ll both feel and hear, the IPL G Coupe’s full-throated exhaust note signals its approach and intention of pure performance. The distinctive chrome ports of the true dual exhaust system vent the engine more efficiently, reducing backpressure to improve upper-end power output.

Performance Brakes

The unique collaboration of Infiniti designers and engineers created the massive 14-inch front rotors and sculpted 4-piston front calipers that grab faster and with more finite control than a sliding caliper design. Press the brake pedal and you’ll feel their precise feedback and gain a greater sense of power and control.



Uniquely sculpted front and rear fascias, side sills, and rear spoiler enhance the aerodynamics of the IPL G Coupe and visually express inspired performance. Zero-lift front and rear dynamics allow the tires to grip the pavement, providing you with more comfort and confidence at higher speeds.


Lightweight, aluminum-alloy 19-inch wheels channel the power of the IPL G Coupe into momentum that stokes emotion. The split 7-spoke wheels are clad in summer performance tires for unrelenting grip and finished in a graphite color for a look that radiates aggression.


Sculpted, deep-bolstered seats with unique red stitching embrace the driver and front passenger in soft, sumptuous leather,as luxurious as it is stunning. The seating connects the driver to the handling of the machine with standard 12-way power driver’s adjustments with memory functions that adjust the moment you start the car.

IPL Signature

Borrowing from the golden age of motorsport, the badge that graces the IPL G Coupe accelerates the aesthetic of yesterday into a modern symbol of performance. The sleek IPL engine cover wraps around the heart of the IPL G Coupe and conveys the pedigree within – a new era and experience in the emotional sensation of driving.


nfiniti Hard Drive Navigation System

The touch-screen Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System features Infiniti Voice Recognition and NavTraffic , which includes detailed traffic information. The high-resolution screen supports Birdview™ perspective control and enhanced 3-D building graphics. Together, these features enhance your journey and help you navigate while Lane Guidance indicates the correct lane to be in when approaching an interchange or exit. You can also access current weather updates and 3-day forecasts using NavWeather and browse the Zagat Survey® Restaurant Guide with ratings and reviews.

nfiniti Studio on Wheels® by Bose®

The 11-speaker Infiniti Studio on Wheels® by Bose® was designed to help music retain its richly-authentic sound. Infiniti engineers created the first manufacturer system that delivers the music’s power from the front, with sound washing through the cabin from front to back, as in a live performance. The system is enhanced by 10-inch subwoofers that the vehicle’s front doors literally were designed around and a unique Driver’s Audio Stage setting that optimizes the balance of sound to focus solely on the driver.

RearView Monitor

Engage reverse and your vehicle information system displays images from a discreetly-mounted color camera on the rear of the vehicle. Colored guidelines help give you an accurate sense of how close you are to objects behind, and they adjust as you turn, to show your path . As an added measure, the Rear Sonar System emits a beeping tone and displays an icon on the RearView Monitor display when an obstacle appears near the rear bumper.


Advanced Braking

The 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is enhanced by Brake Assist, which helps apply the maximum brake force you need to help prevent a collision. And Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) helps improve braking performance by actively adjusting the amount of brake force applied to front and rear wheels.

Enhanced Control

To help enhance rear-wheel grip when accelerating, the Traction Control System senses wheelspin and automatically reduces engine output and/or brakes the spinning wheel to help give you a surer foothold. Acting in tandem with the Traction Control System, Vehicle Dynamic Control[*] (VDC) compares actual vehicle cornering performance to the driver’s input, adjusting power levels and applying appropriate brake pressure to individual wheels to help correct oversteer or understeer, helping keep the vehicle on the steered path.