Jaguar F-TYPE

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The purity and elegance of the design gives the F-TYPE a lasting beauty. The proportions and stance communicate muscularity and latent energy. Look closely, and you will see how established Jaguar design themes have been evolved– most notably the J-Blade headlights and the shape of the four-sided grille. However the grille on the F-TYPE is lower than that on the XF and XJ, elongated, and with a slight forward lean to give a sense of motion and power.

Two bold strokes, called ‘heartlines’ define the signature look of the F-TYPE. The first heartline starts with the blade bisecting the shark gill grille openings of the bumper, runs through the headlights, and over the top of the front fenders before fading in the doors. The second heartline begins at rear edge of the door, rising to create the powerful haunch over the rear fenders, and then sweeps around to define the tail. These two lines were the first strokes penned by the designers to define the shape of the F-TYPE.

The convertible top is light, fast and refined. Fully powered, it opens or closes in just 12 seconds and can be operated at speeds of up to 30mph. The 3-layer top features Thinsulate™ for thermal and acoustic insulation. In keeping with the Jaguar tradition of customization, the top is available in 4 colors: Black is standard, and Red, Gray or Beige are available as options.

LED lights provide accents front and rear. The front of the F-TYPE features xenon HID headlights and a variation on the J-Blade LED signature running lights that have become a Jaguar design cue. Both high and low beams are integrated into a single projector unit, enabling a compact light. The light housing itself is drawn vertically, giving a sense of motion. The rear features all-LED taillights in a design that echoes the legendary E-Type.

Hidden until required, the rear spoiler automatically rises at 60 mph3 to reduce lift by up to 260 lbs for improved high-speed stability. It can also be deployed at any time by the driver with the push of a button.

The deployable door handles are fitted flush with the door for uninterrupted airflow along the car’s flanks. They extend to meet the driver’s hand when activated by using the key fob or by pressing a touch-sensitive part of the handle on cars fitted with keyless entry.

The front splitter reduces lift for enhanced control at high speed and also directs air through the brakes for cooling.

Striking dual center exit exhausts on the F-TYPE and F-TYPE S models pay tribute to the E-Type, and each exhaust tip is stamped from a single piece of stainless steel for an unbroken surface and a commanding presence. Quad outboard-mounted exhausts on the V8 S provide a clear signal to the performance potential of the 495 horsepower engine; separated by a more aggressive rear venturi, they are an unmistakable symbol of power.

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The F-TYPE is a pure two-seat sports car. The driver-focused, asymmetric dual cockpit is referred to as a “1+1” cabin. 1+1 means the emphasis is on the driver, with a clear division between driver and passenger sides created by a prominent grab handle on the center console and different trim materials on either side of the cockpit. The grab handle separates the passenger from the driving controls, sending a clear message that these controls are driver interfaces. It also serves as a subtle signal to the potential of the car – it might be time to buckle up and hold on tight.

Instruments are simple, clear and analog – essential in a sports car. Additional information is provided by a 5-inch TFT screen mounted centrally between the speedometer and tachometer.

Every F-TYPE model comes standard with a small diameter, three-spoke leather covered steering wheel. Multi-function controls for the audio system and cruise control are on the front of the spokes, and paddle shifters for the transmission are on the back. For the ultimate high performance feel, a flat-bottomed racing style steering wheel is included as part of the Performance Pack on the S and V8 S. Both steering wheel styles can be heated, essential for top-down driving on chilly days, via the Climate Pack or Premium Pack.

Standard on the F-TYPE is ambient lighting in the signature Jaguar Phosphor Blue. But for a custom and more engaging interior, Configurable Ambient Lighting is available as an option on the F-TYPE and standard on the S and V8 S, allowing the driver to change the lighting theme color between Phosphor Blue, Pale Blue, White, Coral or Red; activating Dynamic Mode automatically changes the interior lighting theme to Red.

The dual-function climate control dials feature LED displays for temperature. On cars equipped with the heated seats of the Climate Pack the same dials also control the seat heating: pushing the dial in changes the display and function to seat heat control. These unique dials help keep the center dash free of clutter and add a high-tech touch. Below the dials are toggle switches for the other climate control functions. These switches echo the controls of Jaguar sports cars of the past, and are finished in soft-feel matte black.

To keep the center console as low and sleek as possible, the F-TYPE features Active Center Air Vents. They are activated automatically by algorithms within the climate control system and only rise when needed for extra airflow, retracting when not in use. With the deployable air vents, door handles and rear spoiler the F-TYPE keeps its technology hidden until needed.

Two seat styles are available in the F-TYPE. All models come standard with the Sport style seat. On V6-powered models, the F-TYPE and F-TYPE S, this deeply bolstered seat features 6-way manual and electric adjustment and leather trim with Suedecloth center sections for high grip during cornering. The V8 S model features full leather seat facings and 14-way fully electric adjustment. A racing-style Performance seat is available as a stand-alone option or as part of the Performance Pack on the S and V8 S. With its aggressive bolstering it helps keep the driver in place during spirited driving. Heated seats are available via the Climate Pack or Premium Pack.

On F-TYPE S and V8 S models the keyless start button, Dynamic Mode switch and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters all feature an Ignis finish. This bright orange color visually sets these controls apart as the key touch-points for the driver to unleash the full performance of the car.

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High power and low weight means effortless speed. By combining powerful engines with an all-aluminum body, the F-TYPE achieves high power to weight ratios for each model. What that means is the F-TYPE feels fast, lively and responsive.

The F-TYPE lineup features three supercharged engines: two versions of the new Jaguar 3.0 liter V6 and the acclaimed Jaguar 5.0 liter V8. The 340 hp V6 in the F-TYPE is shared with XF and XJ; the 380 hp V6 version in the F-TYPE S is exclusive to F-TYPE, as is the supercharged V8, producing 495 hp in the F-TYPE V8 S. The key to those impressive power figures are Roots-type vortex superchargers. Intercoolers reduce intake air temperature and improve power and efficiency. All F-TYPE models are rear wheel drive for balanced sports car handling.

Intelligent Stop/Start on the F-TYPE can improve fuel economy in stop and go driving. The system can automatically turn off the engine when the car is at rest, for instance at a red light, but leaves accessories such as the lights, audio and windshield wiper functions on. When the driver takes their foot off the brake the system automatically restarts the engine in as little as 300 milliseconds using a specially designed starter motor. By the time the driver has moved their foot from the brake to the accelerator the engine has restarted and the car is ready to move.

Winter Mode is designed to adjust gear change and throttle response to improve traction in slippery conditions.

The F?TYPE is equipped with a steering rack with a quick 14.6:1 ratio, the quickest on a modern Jaguar. Combined with the stiff mounting points for the suspension, it provides precise, immediate steering response for a feeling of agility and driver involvement.

Three powerful systems deliver confident, high performance braking: The Jaguar Performance Braking system on the F-TYPE has 354mm front and 325mm rear rotors with silver calipers. The Jaguar High Performance Braking system on the F-TYPE S has 380mm front and 325mm rear rotors with black calipers. And on the F-TYPE V8 S, the Jaguar Super Performance Braking system features 380mm front and 376mm rear rotors with black calipers. F-TYPE S and V8 S models equipped with the optional Performance Pack are easily identified by the red calipers on their Super Performance brakes and their large 15” front and 14.8” rear rotors.

In addition to its aluminum body and engine, the F?TYPE features a suspension where all the major components – the forged double wishbone front and rear suspensions and front subframe – are also all made from aluminum. The strength and light weight of aluminum is especially critical in the suspension: stiffness for accurate tuning and geometry, and light weight to reduce unsprung mass for more responsive movement.

The Jaguar Adaptive Dynamics system is standard on the S and V8 S models. This system actively adjusts the damping of the suspension and controls vertical body movement and roll and pitch rates. It monitors suspension movement 100 times a second and steering input 500 times a second and continuously adjusts damping rates. It can even predict pitch from throttle and brake inputs and proactively adjust the dampers to control the movement. The result: a smooth ride, exceptional body control, and a sports car with a sensational balance between ride and handling.

On the F-TYPE S a limited slip differential improves traction and agility. The Active Differential on F-TYPE V8 S features full electronic control of the locking torque for exceptional agility.

The new 8-speed ‘QuickShift’ ZF automatic features closely spaced ratios and is specifically engineered for the F-TYPE with shifts that are shorter and more immediate, with almost no perceptible interruption of torque delivery during aggressive acceleration. It works smoothly in auto mode, and shifts quickly in manual mode with complete driver control.
To further enhance a connected and responsive feel once the transmission is in 2nd gear a clutch mechanism locks the torque converter to create a direct mechanical connection between the engine and the driven wheels. An Adaptive Shift strategy responds and tailors shifts to how the car is being driven, from relaxed to aggressive. The transmission also features Corner Recognition, interacting with other vehicle systems to recognize when the car is in a turn to prevent upshifts while cornering.

All the electronic chassis control systems of the F-TYPE do not remove the driver from a sense of involvement, they actually heighten it. With Dynamic Mode the driver can engage these systems to enhance a more spirited drive.1 Activating Dynamic Mode changes the settings of the major driver touch-points and control systems, including adjusting throttle response, steering weighting and on S and V8 S models the Adaptive Dynamics suspension damping; it also prevents automatic upshifts when using manual shift mode. Dynamic Mode also changes interior illumination to red signaling the change in vehicle demeanor.

Individually select engine, steering, gearshift time and suspension settings for a personalized driving experience. Part of the optional Performance Pack on F-TYPE S and V8 S models.

A ‘Dynamic Launch’ feature on the F-TYPE S model can reduce up to 0.3 seconds from the 0-60 mph3 time by eliminating any torque interruption on the 1-2 and 2-3 gear changes.

The F-TYPE S and V8 S models feature active exhaust systems with electronically controlled bypass valves for freer flowing exhaust. The valves open under specific throttle and speed conditions to improve flow and give a rich, deep tone to the exhaust; selecting Dynamic Mode causes the valves to open under even more conditions. With the optional Switchable Active Sport Exhaust at the press of a button on the center console the driver can turn the valves off and on at will, activating the richer, more exhilarating exhaust sound at any time.

Safety & Security

A light, strong aluminum body structure with a wide track and high torsional rigidity creates the ideal platform for a sports car.

Drive with reassurance as optional radar sensors in the sides of your F-TYPE help alert you to vehicles entering your blind spot. Part of the Vision Pack.

All models incorporate a host of dynamic safety systems designed to improve stability and driver control:

  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Traction control (through engine and brake intervention)
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Cornering Brake Control

Reverse out of parking spaces with confidence in busy environments with optional sensors in the rear bumper designed to warn you of approaching traffic. Part of the Vision Pack.

Working in tandem with the cruise control, an Automatic Speed Limiter allows the driver to select a maximum speed that should not be exceeded.

The standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed to provide an alert message if tire pressure falls below the specified level.

Jaguar XK 2013


  • 20-inch Caravela wheels
  • Automatic bi-function HID xenon headlamps with LED signature running lights and headlamp washers
  • LED rear tail lamps
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Power folding, heated and auto-dimming exterior mirrors with integrated LED turn signals and approach lamps
  • Alloy wheel and space saver spare tire

Save “cold” for the Germans, and square for the domestics. The XK has classic, ground-hugging proportions, with a long hood, powerful contours and minimal overhangs. Its sweeping, athletic lines hold immense visual energy. In short: This is a strikingly beautiful car. But it also has intelligence. Aluminum construction yields exceptional body rigidity and torsional stiffness, plus an excellent power-to-weight ratio to deliver uncompromised handling and pulse-quickening performance.

To see into the night, bi-function HID xenon headlamps are standard. Active Front Lighting, optional on XK and standard on XKR and XKR-S, directs the headlamp beam to bend in the direction of the steering for added confidence at night. In addition, distinctive LED signature running lights, integrated into the headlamps, provide a bold and modern look when the XK is in motion. Headlamp washers are also standard on all models.

Power adjustable, heated exterior mirrors are auto-dimming, with electrochromic glass to reduce glare at night. The mirrors are also power folding to help you park in tight spaces, and can be set to fold when locking the vehicle, to give a visual indication your XK is secure.

The high-performance potential of the XKR is apparent at a glance. It is distinguished by its black finish upper and lower mesh grilles, body-color hood louvers incorporating a “Supercharged” script motif and, of course, “R” badges front and rear. Gray brake calipers with “Jaguar” script peek through the spokes of the alloy wheels. The optional XKR Black Pack features 20-inch Kalimnos gloss-black alloy wheels, plus gloss-black finish on the grille surrounds, air intakes, side power vents and trunk lid finisher. On Coupe models there are also gloss-black window surrounds. The Black Pack also includes a body-color Aerodynamic Pack, consisting of a front splitter and larger rear spoiler.

As the ultimate XK model, the XKR-S stands apart with gloss black detailing, vibrant color schemes and unique aero-tuned bodywork. Lightweight but strong carbon fiber is used on the front splitter, rear air diffuser and rear lip spoiler. The broad, vertical side intakes in front of the front wheels and twin nacelles at the leading edge of the hood combine with the aerodynamic spoilers to reduce lift and increase directional stability at high speeds – which the XKR-S is definitely capable of.

Ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers are designed to detect objects up to six feet away and provide the driver with an audible warning. Graphics on the Touch-screen indicate the position of the object in relation to the car. A rear camera, which displays digital video on the Touch-screen when reversing, is also standard.


  • Soft grain leather interior trim, including instrument panel and door panels
  • Suedecloth premium headliner
  • Active ventilated heated and cooled 16-way power-adjustable front seats
  • Memory function with three settings for driver’s seat, exterior mirrors and steering column
  • Heated leather steering wheel with switches for audio and cruise control
  • Jaguar Smart Key System™ with Keyless entry and Keyless start
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control with humidity control plus airparticle/odor filtration
  • Auto-dimming inside rearview mirror
  • Phosphor Blue Halo Illumination with Mood Lighting
  • Front and rear parking aid with Touch-screen visual indicator and reverse park camera with guidance

XK interior appointments are finished to the most luxurious standards. Leather is used extensively within the XK passenger cabin, along with handcrafted wood veneers and smooth metallic trim. Interior harmony is enhanced with soft-feel coatings on the switches around the JaguarDrive Selector™ and the Touch-screen, with brighter tones on the air vents and instrument panel, and a Piano Black finish across the central console. The leather headliner trim on the XKR-S and on cars equipped with the Portfolio Pack is produced by Poltrona Frau®, a renowned Italian furniture house: on Coupe models the full headliner is leather; on Convertible models the A-posts and windshield header are fitted with the Poltrona Frau leather.

Available on XK and XKR Coupes and Convertibles, the Portfolio Pack adds a higher level of luxury and exclusivity. To complement the six available exterior colors, including exclusive Celestial Black, the Portfolio Pack interior features either Navy or Truffle colorways in soft grain leather with contrast stitching, premium carpet mats and Poltrona Frau® headliners. In addition to a choice of two unique veneers – Shadow Walnut or Dark Figured Aluminum – Portfolio Pack models include bright-finish pedals, chrome-finish exterior mirrors and grilles, unique treadplates and 20″ Orona Polished Alloy wheels.

The instrument panel and center console are highlighted with Phosphor Blue illumination, a hallmark of contemporary Jaguar design.

The standard heated leather steering wheel incorporates switches for cruise control and audio. They can be used to control the audio output – changing between CD tracks, radio stations or selections on an iPod® or MP3 player – as well as to adjust volume. What’s more, a Sports Steering Wheel trimmed in Jet Suedecloth for extra grip is optional (not available with Adaptive Cruise Control).

The Jaguar Smart Key System™, featuring Keyless entry and Keyless start, has been designed for maximum driver convenience. Approach the XK with the Jaguar Smart Key in your bag or pocket, pull the door release and the system unlocks the door and disarms the security system. Keyless start is activated as you get into the car – once seated behind the steering wheel, simply apply the brake and press the “Start” button, and the Jaguar V8 comes to life. Upon exiting the vehicle, locking the doors is as easy as pressing any door button – the doors will lock and the power mirrors will fold, visually confirming that the XK is locked.

The dual-zone automatic climate control system incorporates individual temperature controls for both driver and front passenger. It is fully automatic, with humidity control and automatic window demisting.

Driving dynamics

  • 385 hp Jaguar 5.0-liter V8
  • 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with JaguarDrive Selector™ and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters
  • JaguarDrive Control™ with Dynamic and Winter Modes
  • 155-mph top-speed (electronically limited)
  • Adaptive Dynamics
  • Four-channel anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Trac Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) with engine and brake intervention
  • Electronic Parking Brake with drive-away release

Designed entirely in-house, the Jaguar 5.0-liter V8 engine is a showcase of advanced technologies. Spray-guided direct fuel injection, Variable Camshaft Timing, and optimized intake and exhaust tracts all help maximize power and efficiency. The XKR and XKR-S V8s receive forced air induction courtesy of a sixth-generation Eaton® supercharger. While the XKR engine’s 510 horsepower is very impressive, the XKR-S pumps out 550 horsepower – true supercar territory.

The transmission is controlled by the beautifully designed JaguarDrive Selector™, which rises into your hand once the “Start/Stop† button is pressed. Simply rotate the selector to move from Park to Reverse or Drive. JaguarDrive Control™ provides a choice of modes to suit road conditions and your driving style. Winter Mode offers damped throttle response for more progressive control in adverse weather conditions. Dynamic Mode provides a more responsive throttle and revised suspension settings for a sportier drive.

The advanced braking systems in the XK were developed at Jaguar’s research facility at the Nürburgring racetrack in Germany. Four-channel anti-lock brakes (ABS) increase stability by preventing wheel lock-up during hard stops. Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) automatically increases brake pressure if it senses a sharp application of the brakes. And befitting their higher performance levels, the XKR and XKR-S feature the Jaguar High Performance Braking System with larger disc brake rotors and aluminum calipers.

Adaptive Dynamics, fitted to all XK models, analyzes speed, steering and body movements up to 500 times a second, and adjusts the electronically controlled shock absorbers to achieve the ideal balance between comfort and precise handling.

Safety & Security

The XK body/chassis, whether Coupe or Convertible, is engineered for both performance and safety. This reinforced structure incorporates light-yet-strong aluminum alloys to create a virtual safety ring around the cabin.

The Convertible has its own array of safety features, including a highly advanced rollover protection system. If the car’s on-board sensors detect an impending rollover, two strong hoops – hidden under the rear tonneau – are triggered to deploy and lock behind the rear seats within 65 milliseconds.

The Adaptive Restraint Technology System can help protect front-seat occupants in the event of a collision. It is designed to assess the severity of an impact within a fraction of a second and, using weight sensors in the front seats plus sensors to detect the seat position and seat belt status, to deploy the dual-stage front airbag Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) in the most appropriate manner.


  • All XK models incorporate a host of safety systems designed to improve stability and driver control:
  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Traction control (through engine and brake intervention)
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Cornering Brake Control
  • Engine drag torque control

Understeer Control Logic is also standard. This feature can mitigate understeer by intervening through the engine management and braking systems to help restore grip at the front wheels.

Sensors in each wheel continuously monitor tire air pressure, and alert you if the pressure in any one of the tires falls below the specified level.

When Adaptive Cruise Control is fitted, a microwave radar system in the front bumper can sense a slow-moving vehicle in your path and adjust the throttle and brakes to maintain a constant time gap between you and the vehicle in front. Once the road clears, the system will resume your previously set speed. The radar also operates a Forward Alert, which gives you an audible warning if the traffic ahead slows quickly or another vehicle suddenly moves into your lane.* (Adaptive Cruise Control is not available on the XKR-S.)

Door locks on the XK can be controlled either remotely from the key fob, or directly from the door handle using the standard Jaguar Smart Key System™ Keyless entry. The doors can be set for single-point or multi-point entry, where only the driver’s door unlocks or both doors unlock at once. You can also set the doors to lock automatically when the car reaches a pre-set speed. In addition, the XK is protected by an alarm and an engine immobilizer. You can be reassured with the fact that the security system encryption allows for approximately 64 billion combinations.