2013 Lexus GS 350



When you approach interior design as you would a room in your home, the results are dramatic. Distinctive contrast stitching offers visual and tactile appeal to the center console, door panels, shift knob and—for the first time in its class—along the entire length of the dash. Exclusive wood accents exude contemporary style. And, blending timeless design with innovative technology, the instrument panel features an eye-catching analog clock with LED indicators.


This is comfort five-and-a-half years in the making. Working nonstop alongside a university research team, Lexus engineers studied everything from skeletal angles to high-end office chairs and arrived at this: Offering 18 different types of customization, including shoulder support, butterfly headrests and variable seat-cushion length, the power front seats on the Luxury-equipped GS are nothing short of an ergonomic masterpiece. And, to help ensure your modifications are not in vain, each seat’s position can be recalled at the push of a button.


To help keep you comfortable in all types of weather, F SPORT, Premium and Luxury versions of the GS feature independently controlled heated and ventilated front seats. Offering multiple levels of comfort, the internal heater can be automatically activated to warm you in ECO mode, and the internal ventilation system was redesigned for dramatically increased airflow to help cool you faster.


For those unable to experience the thrill of driving the GS, take solace. Luxury versions of the GS feature rear-seat controls for the audio system and the rear-seat climate zone. As well as available heated outboard seats that automatically reduce their heating level as the cabin temperature rises. To help reduce unwanted glare, side-door shades and a power rear sunshade are also included.


For greater efficiency, the climate-control system can automatically sense the presence of a front-seat passenger and open or close its air registers accordingly. For example, if you’re driving alone, only your registers and temperature settings will be engaged.


Imagine arriving in style even before you’ve left. As you approach, the ground is illuminated in soft white light from the side mirrors. The new LED dome and rear lamps begin to glow, inviting you in. As you unlock the doors, the analog LED clock and ambient lights in the door trim and foot wells come to life. Press the ignition button and the base of the Remote Touch  device glows, the display animation begins and the gauge clusters are revealed. The welcoming sequence culminates with the shift lever being lit from above.


By changing the design of the trunk, the GS and GS F SPORT offer a wider, flatter storage area. Both can hold four golf bags and four sport bags and feature additional storage under the side mat for convenient access to small items, even when the trunk is filled.



Giving you the ability to see and do more, the GS offers the industry’s first available 12.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multimedia display. It provides immediate, simultaneous access to various systems, including navigation, audio or climate controls. And greets you with a customizable image when the ignition button is pressed.


Compatible Bluetooth mobile devices can be paired with your Lexus, enabling you to use the available Enform  App Suite and operate your phone hands-free. It also offers the ability to access and control your entire music library and even stream audio from websites—all while your device remains in your pocket or purse. To confirm your device’s compatibility or view pairing instructions, please use the Bluetooth Compatibility Tool.



Exhilaration isn’t made in a computer lab. It’s discovered behind the wheel, over the course of many miles. More than 1,000,000 miles, in the case of the GS. By widening the track by almost two inches and increasing the body rigidity by 14% through additional optimally placed spot- and laser-weld points, the result is a Lexus you have to experience to believe.
Handling was made even more precise by incorporating all-new front and rear suspensions. Engineered with aluminum components and larger bushings, they reduce unsprung weight and deliver significantly greater agility. And, in the rear, improved suspension geometry further enhances control and tire cornering force.


Sport S mode changes the gauge cluster lighting to a fiery red and alters the powertrain for faster gear changes and more dynamic throttle mapping. Available Sport S+ mode goes a step further by also tightening the suspension and increasing steering response. In both modes, the transmission’s shift points are automatically altered coming into and out of corners for sharper acceleration.


Boasting direct injection, one of the most powerful base engines in its class and the core sound of the LFA, the GS puts the exhilaration of 306 horsepower at your fingertips. In Manual mode, its new, faster-shifting six-speed transmission can be controlled with paddle shifters. By automatically increasing the engine speed during downshifts, their throttle-blipping function delivers faster and smoother gear changes for greater acceleration and response coming out of corners.


The GS is engineered to handle all types of curves—even those thrown by Mother Nature. By monitoring current driving conditions, available all-wheel drive automatically allocates engine power between the front and rear axles. This can provide improved traction and control on a wide range of road surfaces and in inclement weather.



While an ordinary crash test dummy can provide 119 data points, Lexus uses digital models comprised of millions. The result of such an innovative approach to safety: The GS is equipped with a class-leading 10-airbag system that includes an all-new side airbag design to help provide additional support for the rib cage and upper arm. And, to help decrease the severity of whiplash-type injuries, new Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) front seats are designed to absorb some of the force of the impact by pushing backward in certain rear collisions.


The best way to survive an accident is to avoid one altogether. So, to help keep your attention where it belongs, the GS offers some of the most advanced active safety systems on the road today.


The Pre-Collision System available on the GS wasn’t born out of theory or speculation. It’s a result of real observations using the world’s most advanced driving simulator. This remarkable Pre-Collision System connects to cameras designed to detect if you have your eyes closed or are facing away from the road when an obstacle is detected ahead. If the system determines either condition is met, it will attempt to warn you through a series of beeps and visible indications. And, to help you avoid a potential collision, the GS is also designed to automatically begin braking a full two seconds before impact.

Lexus ISF



The front facia, hood, underbody and rear spoiler of the IS F have all been specifically shaped to optimize airflow around the vehicle.
While aerodynamic styling gives the IS F a signature look, more importantly, it results in a balanced reduction of lift to help produce increased control at high speeds.


When approaching your IS F, a transmitter in your key fob signals the vehicle’s SmartAccess from up to 20 feet away. Upon touching the handle, the doors will instantly unlock for entry.
By recognizing the unique secure code transmitted from your key fob, the SmartAccess system allows you to unlock and open your vehicle’s door and trunk without having to remove your key from your pocket or handbag. The system also activates an entry lighting feature that helps to illuminate your path of entry. Puddle lamps, door handle, cabin interior and push-button Start/Stop all illuminate sequentially for ease of entry.

Intuitive Parking Assist

The available Intuitive Parking Assist can help the driver navigate the vehicle into tight parking spaces. Ultrasonic sensors located on the front and rear bumpers are designed to detect objects nearby. Audible and visual cues help the driver know when the vehicle is getting closer to the object, including many that may not otherwise be seen.

Exterior Lighting

Bi-Xenon™ High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps are brighter than conventional halogen headlamps, use less energy and last significantly longer. In addition, an auto-leveling feature helps to ensure that the headlamps remain pointed at the proper angle. These headlamps also include LED daytime running lights, which use less energy while adding a dramatic air. The IS F comes with LED taillamps and brake lights. Since they illuminate faster than standard bulbs, they can help give the driver behind you more time to respond in emergency situations.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

A millimeter-wave radar sensor allows the available Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to maintain your selected speed. This system also enables you to follow the vehicle traveling in front of you at the same pre-set speed. A car icon on the information display shows the selected following distance.

Sculpted Fenders

Wide front fenders and 19-inch forged alloy wheels  lend an aggressive DTM-style racing look to the IS F.


These BBS® 19-in forged aluminum wheels are both stronger and lighter than equivalent cast wheels and help to improve handling and acceleration via reduced unsprung weight and rotational inertia. BBS-forged wheels are found on top-level racing cars around the world, including Formula One®.


Stainless-steel exhaust manifolds with integrated catalysts help improve durability and minimize the exhaust system’s weight.


Mark Levinson® Audio

The available Mark Levinson® Premium Surround Sound Audio System features 14 carefully positioned speakers, 7.1-channel architecture and 300 watts of maximum power.

Voice-Activated HDD Navigation System

The available voice-activated Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation System on the IS F features a touch-sensitive screen for inputting information, as well as an advanced voice-command system that allows you to search for destinations using your natural speaking voice. For example, if you say, “Show me gas stations,” from the Destination Assist menu, you’ll be presented with locations in your immediate vicinity. And once you select a destination, the system will calculate up to three different routes and provide audible and visual directions as you drive.
The system also features available NavTraffic™ and NavWeather™ , Sports and Stocks trial subscription, which can provide real-time traffic reports on specific highways or routes, and even reroute you around congestion. Available NavWeather can provide real-time weather reports for specific cities and send you alerts as you get closer to poor weather conditions.

Sport Seats

The IS F comes with highly bolstered leather-trimmed sport seats that help support aggressive driving by keeping you firmly in place through turns. In addition to the new Red interior for 2012, there is also an available Black interior with Alcantara® seat inserts for even more assured cornering. The front seats are heated and fully adjustable for optimal comfort and control.

Aluminized Trim

Stylish aluminized composite trim is found on the IS F’s console, doors, armrest and center console.

Instrument Display

The instrument display for the IS F includes a large centrally positioned tachometer with a digital speedometer and three-step rev indicator located inside its ring. The first step of the rev indicator illuminates at 5,000 rpm; the second, at 5,500 rpm; the illumination of the third depends on which gear the IS F is in. In addition, a smaller, analog-style speedometer is positioned in the bottom right corner.


V8 Engine

The 416 hp and 371 lb-ft of torque from the IS F’s 5.0-liter V8 deliver a 0-to-60 time of just 4.6 seconds. It’s a technological tour de force that includes titanium intake valves, direct fuel injection and Variable Valve Timing with intelligence and Electronic intake valve timing (VVT-iE).

Two-Stage Intake System

The dual intake system provides smooth power at low-to-medium speeds, then opens wide at elevated rpm for maximum power and torque.


This sophisticated Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management system adds a comprehensive Sport mode on the IS F that helps support high-performance driving.


This IS F’s Sport Direct-Shift transmission uses a special lock-up clutch for improved responsiveness, plus a control system that enables virtually instant manual upshifts (as quick as 0.1 seconds) and blips the throttle on downshifts, while giving the driver full control over gear selection.


Stopping quickly and consistently is not only a good idea in terms of safety, it also helps reduce lap times. Brembo® crafted a special brake system for the IS F, including massive six-piston aluminum calipers that clamp huge 14.2-inch cross-drilled rotors in front and two-piston calipers with 13.6-inch cross-drilled rotors in the rear to consistently provide short, drama-free stops.


At the front of the vehicle, we find a modern variation on the double-wishbone design. The system also uses a coil-over-style shock absorber and spring assembly. Monotube gas-pressure shock absorbers are employed with stiffer springs and a larger stabilizer bar—all optimized to precisely control body, wheel and suspension motion.
The rear suspension is also a contemporary twist on the classic double wishbone, this time in multi-link form. Like the front suspension, it has been extensively modified and tuned for high-performance duty, using higher rate springs and monotube shock absorbers with damping curves tailored to the IS F.
The extensive reworking of the suspension that occurred in 2011 included reduced spring rates, larger anti-roll bars, longer bump stops and more. These modifications have carried over to the 2012 IS F, and they make it more than competitive with other vehicles in its class.

TORSEN® Torque-Sensing Rear Differential

The IS F is equipped with a torque-sensing limited-slip TORSEN® rear differential  that matches available engine power to changing traction conditions of the rear wheels. This innovative feature intuitively channels more power to the rear wheel with the greatest traction. Increased traction means more power and a more exhilarating performance through turns and curves.

Safety & security

360 Degrees of Safety

There’s safety. Then there’s Lexus safety. That’s why the IS F has features to help protect you before, during or after an accident. This is the luxury of confidence. This is the pursuit of 360 Degrees of Safety in the IS F. To learn more, click on the features below.


With your safety in mind, the IS F interior is filled with an array of airbags to help protect you and your passengers during different types of severe collisions. There are driver’s and front passenger’s knee airbags, front seat-mounted side airbags, and front and rear side curtain airbags. The driver’s and front passenger’s system utilizes dual-stage airbags that are designed to inflate at two different speeds depending on the severity of impact. The driver’s airbag system takes into account such factors as the position of the front seat on the seat track in determining the speed of deployment. The IS F also comes equipped with a twin-chamber airbag for the front passenger. Unlike a single-chamber airbag, the SRS twin-chamber airbag deploys with a slight depression in its center. This is designed to help disperse the forces applied to the passenger immediately after deployment.

Pre-Collision System (PCS)

The available Pre-Collision System (PCS)  is equipped with a front-mounted radar sensor that can detect another vehicle ahead of the IS F. When the PCS computer determines that a frontal collision is unavoidable, it preemptively retracts the front seatbelts and preps the Brake Assist  so increased braking force is available the moment the driver steps on the brake pedal

Direct Tire Pressure Monitor

The direct Tire Pressure Monitor System constantly checks the air pressure of all four tires. When the tire pressure drops to a critically low level, a light on the instrument panel alerts the driver.

Three-Point Seatbelts

Three-point seatbelts with force limiters are found in all seats of the IS F. These seatbelts include a pre-tensioner system which retracts the belts in a severe frontal collision.

Reinforced Body

All IS F models are built with side-impact door beams to help protect occupants during side collisions. In addition, the front and rear of the vehicle are engineered to crumple at a controlled rate to help absorb energy and manage the impact forces on the driver and passengers.

Theft-Deterrent System

The IS F comes equipped with a highly sophisticated theft-deterrent system. This includes an engine immobilizer that prevents the car from starting if it cannot recognize the code transmitted by your key. For increased security, the system changes the code each time you arm and disarm the alarm.