Toyota 86

Exterior Toyota 86 img1

Smooth, flowing lines illuminate the Toyota 86, presenting a sleek, sporty façade. Enjoy being the centre of attention when you take to the roads with this edgy, aerodynamic sports car.

The body’s ultra-low centre of gravity is distinctive of a true sport’s car form. The Toyota 86’s sleek silhouette design is further defined by its 2000GT-inspired window profile, with modern, crisp lines and surfaces shaped with hand-formed elegance to create lasting appeal.

The Toyota 86 features a superior drag coefficient of only 0.27, one of the best in the sports car segment. A specially designed lower bumper and aero-stabilising fin improves overall aerodynamic performance. The 86’s pagoda roof also contributes to the vehicle’s rear downforce.

These low profile High Intensity Discharge (HID) projector headlamps comes with auto light and auto levelling features, which automatically turns on the headlamps at night, providing convenience and greater visibility in poorly-lit environments.

A set of LED rear combination lamps with a clear-lens configuration completes the Toyota 86’s sporty look. The rear combination lamps also feature aero-stabilising fins that improve the airflow of the vehicle.

The exclusive T-mesh grille design demonstrates the attention to detail in the design process. The size and low positioning of the grille opening contribute to engine compartment’s cooling efficiency. The low grille and inner shape of the front fenders also assist in inducting air to the brake calipers to dissipate heat generated when braking.

With slimmer pillars, you will enjoy better visibility when you take on corners with the Toyota 86.

The Toyota 86 features distinguished dual 86mm exhaust tips, which remove exhaust fumes from its combustion engine. The vehicle’s aerodynamic, sporty appearance is further enhanced with its rear diffuser, a sleek addition that is extended to the upper part of the bumper.

The 17″ alloy wheels feature a sophisticated center hub design. Specially fine-tuned for the chassis and suspension of the Toyota 86, these lightweight tires strike the best balance between performance, comfort, economy and safety.

Lowering the rear seat back creates a surprisingly large luggage space big enough for four tyres or two golf bags.

Crafted with style and elegance, the wing mirrors provide you with clear visibility and contribute to the aerodynamic profile of the Toyota 86. Adjusting the wing mirrors is also convenient, thanks to their power-adjustable and retractable feature.

Interior Toyota 86 img6

Sit in the cockpit and you’ll immediately understand that this is no ordinary sports car. The low 400mm hip point exudes a sporty feel, while the functional dashboard, seats and driving instruments are available to your every command.

The sleek dashboard is designed to maximise driving pleasure by placing the driver in control. With just a glance, you can get a clear reading from the easily-viewable cluster meter. Enjoy optimised driver engagement thanks to the thoughtfully-positioned layout of the controls, as well as a distinguished centreline mark on the dashboard for vehicle position referencing.

The centre-mounted tachometer and shift light create a competition-like atmosphere. The Toyota 86 also has a digital speedometer built into the tachometer, enabling you to check vehicle speed and engine speed simultaneously.
In addition, the MID system provides useful feeds of data in real-time. Display includes:

  • Odometer and two trip meters
  • External temperature
  • Average vehicle speed
  • Cruising range
  • Elapsed time
  • Average fuel consumption

The leather-wrapped steering wheel is designed for an optimised grip, which contributes to an impressive steering precision. Shifting gears is easier and quicker with the paddle shifter feature. It also comes with a tilt & telescoping feature, providing optimum driving comfort for people for all sizes. You can easily adjust the steering wheel’s height level as well as its distance from the dashboard.

You can now enjoy significantly improved driving visibility, as the Toyota 86 features the world’s first frameless rearview mirror. Its chic, stylish and revolutionary design maximises the rearward viewing area without impeding the forward view.

The semi-bucket shape of the seats is designed to prevent elbows from interfering with gearshift operation. Constructed with Alcantara® leather and premium materials, the seatbacks and cushion surfaces provide ample support during G-force acceleration from the front, the back and to the sides.

Simply carry the electronic key allows you to conveniently lock, unlock and start the car, without removing it from your pocket.

Enjoy your favourite tunes as you zoom through the highways and roads. The Toyota 86’s audio options include a CD player, as well as AUX-Jack and USB support with 6 speakers.

The dual air conditioning of the Toyota 86 provides different air-cond temperatures for the driver and passenger. To ensure sheer comfort for all occupants, this feature automatically maintains different cabin temperatures based on your passengers’ preference.

Engage in cruise control during long-distance travel, and you will enjoy a relaxing drive.

Accelerate and brake in style with these specially designed aluminium sports pedals. These pedals add an elegant finishing touch to the classy interior.


The Toyota 86’s power was created by combining next-generation D-4S technology with a boxer engine. Displaying smooth acceleration, superior handling and a faithful response to pedal operation, its FR (Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive) configuration gives instant responsiveness. With the adoption of this one-of-its-kind engine, we were able to create a beautiful sports car that responds perfectly to your every command.

The Toyota 86 has an ultra-low centre of gravity, with its boxer engine being positioned only 460mm from the ground. It also features an optimised 53:47 front/rear weight distribution by installing the engine (one of its heaviest components) closer to the centre of the vehicle.

The six-speed manual transmission provides excellent acceleration and is ideal for a sports car. It features a short stroke mechanism along with a triple-cone synchro system, giving you full control of the car while driving with a short shift throw and ergonomic design that can be operated with the flick of the wrist.

The 6-speed automatic transmission comes with two enjoyable driving modes. You can opt for a direct driving experience with the lock-up clutch of the transmission operating from low speeds. Or enjoy sporty manoeuvring with the semi-automatic transmission. It also features a variety of driving modes for added convenience.
NORMAL MODE: Standard conditions (easy, efficient driving)
SNOW MODE: Starts out smoothly on slippery surfaces such as wet roads.
SPORT MODE: Lock-up clutch engages at a lower speed for sharper acceleration response. Shift times minimised.
M MODE: Quicker throttle response; driver action required to change gears. Lock-up clutch engages at a lower speed for sharper acceleration response.

A TORSEN® LSD (Limited Slip Differential) differential helps maximise traction by allocating power to the drive wheel with the most amount of grip.

The front of the car features light-weight MacPherson strut suspension, which offers superior space efficiency. This provides a direct handling feel and superior control. The rear is equipped with double wishbone suspension. Its high stiffness and rear grip ensure sportiness and stability. The brakes feature good response and precise deceleration control from low to high Gs.

The Electric Power Steering (EPS) has a quick steering ratio, while the system is rigidly mounted to provide highly communicative, agile response, so you know exactly how much grip is available.

The Sound Creator was designed to channel the engine’s soundtrack into the cabin during a spirited drive. This has been installed to create a linear intake sound in response to accelerator operation.


Equipped with the latest safety features, the Toyota 86 provides you with peace of mind every time you take it out for a spin.

The Toyota 86 employs a next-generation VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) system with an additional feature, VSC SPORT. When selected, it expands the permissible range of lateral acceleration and movement before the system intervenes, allowing the drive to explore the limits of the vehicle’s dynamics without sacrificing stability. The vehicle stability and traction control systems may also be fully disengaged.

7 SRS AIRBAGS Toyota 86 img8
The Toyota 86 is equipped with 7 SRS airbags (Front, Front Side, Curtain and Driver’s Knee) that provide maximum protection for all occupants. During a collision, these airbags inflate instantly to protect the occupants from head and torso injury.

ABS prevents wheel lock-ups when braking hard on slippery roads while EBD distributes braking power appropriately to the four individual tires to keep the car stable. BA provides the maximum stopping power in emergency braking situations, ensuring you a confident drive throughout.

TRC detects wheel spin on slippery road surfaces and automatically regulates brake force along with engine power to maintain vehicle stability and control.

Manoeuvre in and out of parking spaces easily with the rear parking sensor, which alert you should an unseen obstacle lie in your vehicle’s path.

The Toyota 86’s array of security features ensures peace of mind when you own this sophisticated sports car. Its protective technology includes the immobiliser, siren with back-up battery, and cabin sensor.

Toyata Prius C

ExteriorToyata Prius C img3

With its distinctively hybrid vehicle design, the PRIUS c exudes an active and trendy personality. Its refreshingly youthful styling is truly captivating.

Projector Headlamps
Halogen Projector headlamps with manual levelling provide excellent visibility.

Distinctive Rear Combination Lamps
LED stop lamps reduce power consumption and increase visibility and safety.

Sporty Alloy Rims
The 15″ allow rims are designed to complement the dynamic lines of the PRIUS c. The PRIUS c also comes with a spare tyre with full size alloy rim tucked away discreetly in the boot.

Aerodynamic & Lightweight Body
For a low Cd (drag coefficient) figure of 0.28, the exterior of PRIUS c has been designed with sleekness in mind. Its lightweight body and components such as the aerodynamic fins, pagoda roof, undercovers and airspats contribute to the vehicle’s excellent fuel efficiency.

TRD Sportivo Aerokit
Includes a front bumper spoiler, side skirts and a rear bumper spoiler for a sporty look that will definitely turn heads.

Daytime Running Lights
Enhanced daytime presence that will stand out from the rest.

TRD Sportivo Emblem
Not just a symbol of quality but the perfect finishing touch to a stylish sporty look.

InteriorToyata Prius C img6

The PRIUS c cockpit puts innovation at your fingertips, with an advanced ergonomic design that is practical and user-friendly. Its easy-to-operate layout ensures a pleasurable driving experience.

Spacious Cabin
The surprisingly spacious PRIUS c gives you freedom of space in its ergonomically-designed cockpit. Its cabin is easy to enter, with form-fitting seats and ample headroom for all occupants. Besides that, you’ll have abundant storage space for convenience and practicality.

Advanced Multi-information Display (MID)
Attain complete and instant confirmation of the vehicle’s operating status on its 3.5-inch, full-colour TFT multi-information display. Be privy to information such as the cruising range, average speed, engine and motor status and more, while maintaining your attention on the road. You’ll be in absolute control of all functions of the PRIUS c with its ergonomic and intuitive display technology; all positioned centrally for easy viewing.

Smart Entry & Start System
Unlock by gripping the front door handle or lock with just a touch of the sensor. The electronic key is so convenient. Start and end your journey at the press of a button, without even removing the key from your pocket.

Luggage Space & Flexible Seat Configuration
Optimised hybrid system design positions the battery and fuel tank under the rear seats; ensuring a full 260L of potential cargo space even with the presence of the full size allow spare tyre. The 60:40 split rear seats can be easily configured so you can fit lengthy items and bulky recreational gear.

Storage Spaces
Easy-to-access storage areas are provided to meet your needs. You have ample space to keep your belongings organised – from compartments and pockets for small items to cup holders and trays.

Steering Wheel Switches with Touch Tracer
The Touch Tracer technology on the steering wheel reduces the need for eye movement when operating controls. As you touch each area of the switch, the corresponding function is instantly illuminated on the Multi Information Display (MID). You can also control the audio and air-conditioning settings.

Advanced Audio System
The 2-DIN Head Unit CD Player is designed with thoughtful functions like MP3 playback, AUX-Jack, USB, Bluetooth® & 6 speakers.

Auto Air-Conditioning
Cabin climate can be controlled from the steering wheel or from the centre console – all within easy reach of the driver. A breath of fresh air is assured with the air filter, which serves to remove dust and pollen particles in the cabin. Also, the highly efficient air conditioning system remains cool even when the engine is stopped, thanks to its electric compressor, which contributes to the overall fuel efficiency.

Cruise Control
Long-distance driving is made easier and more relaxing with cruise control. Speed can be easily adjusted from the steering mounted controls.

SafetyToyata Prius C img5

The PRIUS c gives you peace of mind with active safety features to help prevent accidents, as well as passive safety features to help reduce collision injuries.

Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control & Anti-lock Brake System
Even on slippery roads, the PRIUS c helps maintain vehicle stability with its Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRC) and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). Other safety features include Hill Start Assist, Brake Assist and Electronically Controlled Braking & Regeneration.

7 SRS Airbags
For optimum protection, the PRIUS c is equipped with 7 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags to reduce the force of impact on occupants in the event of a collision. The 7 SRS airbags include protection for the driver and front passenger, front side, curtain-shield and driver’s knees.

WIL Concept Seat
A more rigid seat frame and optimised headrest position mitigate the force of impact to the occupant’s back and neck in the event of a rear-end collision.

Body Structure
The PRIUS c is designed with “collision compatibility” to help protect occupants when vehicles of different sizes and weight collide. Its crushable zones absorb the force of impact while retaining cabin integrity. The front of the PRIUS c is also designed to reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians in the event of a collision.

The rear seats in the PRIUS c are equipped with ISOFIX child seat mounting points to provide protection for your child.

Vehicle Security System
The PRIUS c is installed with quality security features such as an immobiliser, siren with back-up battery and cabin sensor.


The PRIUS c delivers astounding fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. And it’s all thanks to its intelligent combination of the petrol engine and electric motor, which makes the PRIUS c a vehicle unlike any other.

1NZ – FXE Engine
A host of advanced technologies such as the Atkinson-cycle, a cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, beltless configuration, electric water pump and intake-side Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i) give the vehicle an optimum performance. The 1.5 litre 1NZ-FXE engine is designed to enhance fuel efficiency and has a maximum output of 54kW/4,800rpm and produces a maximum torque of 111Nm (11.3kg-m)/4,000rpm.

Highly Efficient Electric Motor
The lightweight, compact and high-torque motor produces a maximum output of 45kW and maximum torque of 169Nm (17.2kg-m), giving the
PRIUS c optimum power and performance. In addition, the compact Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery supplies efficient power to the motor with a rated voltage of 144.0 and a maximum output of 19.3kW.

Platform & Suspension System
The PRIUS c utilises a platform that improves collision safety, stability, control, ride comfort and even the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Combined with the suspension system, you’ll enjoy optimum roll rigidity and torsional rigidity for maximum stability, control and ride comfort.

Minimum Turning Radius
With a minimum turning radius of only 4.8m, the PRIUS c is easy to manoeuvre on narrow streets, and also whenever you parallel park amidst a limited space It’s definitely perfect for city driving conditions.