Fiat 500C 2013

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look at my b-side…

The rear view of the 500C is perhaps the most characteristic part of its unique, original style.
The rounded shape of its rear window and the spoiler installed on the soft top are beautiful, functional designer items and are some of the best expressions of Italian style.

…and give me a smile

Impossible to overlook its originality, its friendly lines, its bright chrome-plated elements, its quintessentially Italian character: so 500C.

Technology by vocation

Designed to be completely safe and easy to drive, the 500C has a vocation for technology that makes you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a time machine every day: while classical in style, its soul looks to the future.


Hi-Fi Interscope Sound System

Designed to adapt completely to the Fiat 500, the Interscope Sound System is an exceptional system that makes your listening experience truly unique. Interscope Sound System is a Hi-Fi audio system with subwoofer amplified by 100 W.

if i say stop, you stop. If i say call, you call

If you stop: put it in neutral and the engine stops. Clutch, gear and you’re off again. Start&Stop (only available on engine versions that permit it) makes for fewer emissions and consumption levels while enhancing your fun. While the Blue&Me™ system allows you to make phone calls, listen to messages and manage your phonebook without taking your hands off the steering wheel.


all the stars you want plus 5 (Euro NCAP)

Sitting in a 500C means being protected from any angle. Seven airbags, two at the front and two side bags, window bags and the driver knee bag, high-resistance steel body and passenger compartment with controlled crumple zones. 5-star Euro NCAP (Test 2007) so you can travel safer than ever.

Fiat Freemont

Design & ComfortFiat Freemont img2

freemont, free space for the whole family

We designed your new Freemont to be the place where you spend the best time. On the road and in everyday life, allow yourselves to be surrounded by everything that makes your travelling experience as interesting and as comfortable as possible


Endless space for your belongings

Arrange the space in your boot just as you choose, thanks to the individually folding seats. You can achieve an overall capacity of 1461 litres.

accessibility for everyone

The 90 degree opening doors and the sliding system on the second row of seats facilitates access to the passenger compartment.
 For children, there are integrated Child Boosters fitted as standard, near the first row of their parents.

Technology & SafetyFiat Freemont img6

Freemont, your home on four wheels

We designed your new Freemont to be the place where you spend the best time. On the road and in everyday life, allow yourselves to be surrounded by everything that makes your travelling experience as interesting and comfortable as possible in total safety.


Passive entry keyless go

The Freemont has been designed to make your life simpler: just approach the car with your key in your pocket or in your bag to open the passenger compartment and the boot. To start the engine, simply press the button on the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel. Getting into the car and setting off has never been easier.

Integrated radio

Tuner (SW / LW / MW / FM)
CD player
DVD player (only on 8.4* inch)
SD card reader for music files (only on 8.4* inch)
USB port to listen to your favourite music (compatible with iPod®)
Garmin Navigation System (European map)
Use the display to see information about the track you are listening to and find your favourite tunes, customise your settings, control the climate control, use the navigation system (only in the 8.4* inch version) and, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can even make hands-free calls and manage your phonebook.

Integrated Garmin navigation system with European maps

The Garmin navigation functions are offered as an optional extra and are an integrated navigation solution managed through the popular Garmin user interface. The maps are large and very easy to read, while the audio controls are integrated with the audio-radio system.
In addition to navigation, the Garmin system provides a host of additional functions – these include POIs (points of interest), a feature which makes it easy to find points of interest such as attractions, restaurants, shopping centres, cinemas, hospitals and any other destination of interest to you.


The Freemont offers you parking sensors and a rear camera which are activated when the vehicle is put into reverse. The rear camera shows you everything that is happening behind the vehicle on the 8.4″ display. The footage is combined with a static grid which shows the overall dimensions of the vehicle and the distance from the obstacle, marking out three zones: red, from 0 to 30 cm away, yellow from 30 cm to 1 m away and green more than 1 m away.


Child Boosters and Isofix

The Freemont protects your children. The “child booster” system in the second row is designed to provide correct seating for two children (from 15 to 36 kg), improving the geometry of the seatbelt.
For the youngest passengers, child seat attachment is ensured by the three series of Isofix attachments that allow you to fit two child seats on the external seats or one child seat in the middle.

awd: all wheel drive

With the AWD all-wheel drive system, which is available as an optional extra on the entire range, the Freemont offers you greater freedom in complete comfort and total safety.
An electronic control unit, via skid sensors, detects the grip of the 4 wheels and decides when to transfer traction to the rear. In situations with low road grip, the AWD system ensures greater traction so that no journey is off-limits, and when accelerating sharply on asphalt surfaces, it allows drivers to benefit from additional traction and increased safety on bends.

Premium security alarm

For total protection, you can fit your Freemont with a security alarm designed to monitor attempted break-ins through smashing a window.